Top Trump Advisor Won’t be Voting for Him in NY Primary; Wait Until You See Why [VIDEO]

Michael Cohen has been Trump’s legal counsel for years. Since Trump announced his candidacy to become the GOP nominee for the presidency, he has even appeared on numerous shows to act as an official surrogate of the Trump campaign. Despite his allegiance to Donald Trump, Cohen will not be voting for him in the New York Primary.

The reason is one that seems to be a pattern within the Trump campaign. Cohen isn’t voting for Trump because he can’t. He’s a registered Democrat and New York is a closed primary.

The admittance that he could not vote for Trump because he is a registered Democrat came after Cohen blasted Reince Priebus and the GOP.

Trump has been whining lately that the system is corrupt because he has failed to do the work in certain states to secure delegates, or in the case of Washingtons state sent the information about becoming a delegate two days too late and to Washington, DC instead. Priebus responded to Trump’s allegations with a reminder that rules have been in place for a year and each candidate should make sure they understand them.

Last week, the country learned that two of Trump’s children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, cannot vote for their father in the New York Primary because they are not registered in any political party. The deadline to register, or change your party affiliation, was in October 2015.

Ivanka Trump is the main face used to encourage Trump supporters to “get out the vote” for him, yet she can’t even vote for her own father.

By the time the deadline came to make sure they could vote in the New York Primary, Donald Trump had been campaigning for approximately four months. Why didn’t Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Michael Cohen make sure they could vote? Was it a case of not understanding the rules, or bothering to learn about them, as the campaign has failed to do in numerous states?

Or did they not think Trump would still be in the race? After all, the former communications director for Trump’s Make America Great Again Super PAC, Stephanie Cegielski, wrote that Trump does not really want to be president and only entered the race as a protest candidate and to bolster his business.

Cohen later offered reassurance that he would be voting for Trump in the general election if he makes it that far.

If only he had been that confident last fall, this embarrassing moment wouldn’t be happening.

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