Michael Moore Compares Hillary Clinton to Jesus Christ

During last night’s presidential debate, which was done town hall-style, Hillary Clinton constantly accused Donald Trump of lying and living in an “alternate reality.” When Trump brought up Hillary deleting her 33,000 emails, Hillary accused him of lying. When Trump brought up Hillary’s role in creating a vacuum in the Middle East that led to the rise of ISIS, Hillary accused him of lying. You get the drift.

Given Hillary’s constant lies to the American people throughout this campaign, her attack on the families of the victims of Benghazi, and her belief in killing innocent babies in the womb, one would think lightning would strike Michael Moore for writing these words on Twitter.

Seriously? #HowWouldJesusDebate?

Moore should be reminded that he is talking about the nominee of the party that booed God and who advocates that the murder of unborn children is a form of healthcare.

Waiting for lightning to strike in 5….4….3…2……

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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