Michael Reagan Lowers the Boom on Donald Trump for Name-Dropping His Dad to Explain Flip-Flops

Real Estate magnate, reality TV star and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has often used the name of iconic conservative Ronald Reagan to explain away his past — some fairly recent — far left positions on a variety of different issues, saying that even Reagan used to be a Democrat.

“He was like this great guy, and he was a Democrat with this liberal bent. And he became a great conservative, in my opinion, and a great president and a great leader,” Trump recently said about his recent conversion to conservatism.

Well, there’s one conservative who takes great exception to Trump’s explanation, and it’s Michael Reagan, the son of The Great Communicator.

Appearing in an interview with Newsmax TV‘s J.D. Hayworth on “Newsmax Prime” on Tuesday, a fired-up Michael Reagan accused Trump of simultaneously using his father’s coattails while “trashing” virtually everything that the 40th president stood for.

“He’s using my father on one side, and on the other side trashing everything my father, in fact, believed in,” Michael Reagan said about Trump.

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Reagan accused Trump of name-dropping and when asked by Hayworth, “Can Donald Trump follow the example and become a true conservative like President Ronald Reagan,” Reagan answered that would never happen with Trump and said Trump was doing a “disservice” to his father.

“If my dad were alive, what he’d be saying is this: ‘Well, there they go’,” Reagan said. “It’s amazing how many of these people, including Donald Trump now, dropping my father’s name to try and wrap them in the mantle of Ronald Reagan. Let’s be honest, never going to happen with Donald Trump.

“There’s nobody I’m going to vote for because they remind me of my father,” Reagan continued. “I’m going to vote for the person who is capable of leading this country. I’m not going to vote for somebody because, oh, they remind me of dad.”

Reagan also blasted Trump for violating his father’s often-quoted “11th Commandment” which said, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Trump has used a shotgun approach to attacking fellow Republicans, often getting personal in his verbal tirades against other GOP presidential candidates.

“Let me tell you something. Violated my dad’s 11th commandment?” a chuckling Reagan asked rhetorically. “My God, it hasn’t existed — Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment — at all with Donald Trump and the things he’s saying,” Reagan opined.


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Matthew K. Burke
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