Michael Reagan: Trump Supporters on Social Media are ‘Psychotic’

The conservative son of Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan, told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday that while he intends to vote for Donald Trump in November’s election “with reservations,” he described followers of the bloviating billionaire and reality TV star, often described as the “Trump Train” or “Trump Cult” as “psychotic.”

THR: So are you officially endorsing Trump?

Michael Reagan: “Well, I’m voting for him over Hillary Clinton. But I would like to see the Libertarians be allowed into the debate. Between the three major parties, the Libertarians are the only adults in the room.”

THR: So it sounds like you’re stopping short of an endorsement.

Reagan: “I’m voting for him, but he’s running a terrible campaign, and everyone sees that. In lieu of him asking me for ideas — I tweet my thoughts everyday and I catch hell from social media — but I’m just trying to help him get to the next level.”

THR: You catch hell from his supporters?

Reagan: “Oh yes. The people who support Trump on social media are psychotic.”

THR: Give me an example.

Reagan: “They attack my birthright. “How dare you! You’re not even a real Reagan! You were adopted!” They forget where I was for 50 years of my life. I’m the one Ronald Reagan called to fire Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, John Sears and Charlie Black. People think when your parents are so infamous you’ve never done anything.”

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He told TNR that the biased media that Donald Trump endlessly complains about every time he drops in the polls is nothing new.

“You have to find your way around them with a great message,” Reagan said. “Ronald Reagan had a great message.”

Reagan, who said that like to see the Libertarian candidate allowed to debate, was asked what Donald Trump has in common with his father. His answer was “absolutely nothing.”

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