Michael Savage: Trump Bombed Syria to Get Poll Numbers Up; ‘False Flag’ [AUDIO]

There hasn’t been a bigger supporter of Donald Trump among top conservative talk radio hosts than Michael Savage. Not only was Michael Savage an early passenger on the “Trump Train,” he also authored the book, “Trump’s War: His Battle for America,” encouraging other Americans to hop aboard.

However Savage, who refers to himself as the “Godfather of Trumpmania,” is not a fan of last week’s 59 Tomahawk missiles launched into Syria, ordered by President Trump last week as a response to reports of chemical weapons being used in the Middle East country’s civil war.

Savage minced no words on his views of the airstrikes, calling them a “false flag” to get President Trump’s approval ratings to improve, characterizing the attack as a paltry “military tweet” while comparing the action to Bill Clinton’s “wag the dog” attack on missile strike on Iraq on the eve of his impeachment vote in the 1990’s. Savage believes that Trump thinks his sagging poll numbers would go up by “appeasing the warmongering crowd — the McCain military-industrial complex they would come to love him.”

“This military tweet by President Trump is an embarrassment,” a fired-up Savage said. “It was not a strategic move — has he thought about what follows? [John] McCain is glowing over this. What does that tell you?” he asked rhetorically.

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“The Soros globalist cabal has now won. Trump is doing their bidding,” he declared. “Isn’t this what we told Hillary we didn’t want her to do? Isn’t this why we voted for Trump? Isn’t this why I sacrificed a year of my life to work to get Trump elected? Isn’t this why I wrote Trump’s War?” he asked, noting that an entire chapter is dedicated to Trump campaigning against the “war machine.”

“I warned you against the war profiteers,” he continued. I warned you against the war profiteers.”

“I guess it came directly over the transit from the RNC. This is getting sicker by the day. It was a false flag. 

McCain wanted it to happen. They’ve been screaming to bomb Assad for years. Lindsey ‘the sicko’ Graham wanted it to happen. Pelosi the warmonger wanted it to happen. Schumer the warmonger…CNN all wanted the bombing of Assad. 

Now you know you’re on the wrong side if that cesspool of filth supports your actions. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.” 

Savage touched on what is reported to be an ongoing feud between President Trump’s son-in-law and Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, a liberal Democrat and globalist versus Steve Bannon, the White House chief strategist and former Breitbart News executive whose is more of an economic nationalist and who was recently removed from the National Security Council.

“So we just turned 180 degrees,” he said about Trump’s about-face on Syria. “Bannon was out — Kushner was in. And all of a sudden the strike was launched,” Savage pointed.

Meanwhile, senior editors at pro-Trump website Breitbart News have instructed staff members to stop writing critical stories of Jared Kushner, sources told the Business Insider on Monday.

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