Michele Bachmann SCORCHES ‘Radical’ Progressive Leftists Pushing to Draft Women Into Military

(CNSNews.com) Asked about the idea of requiring young women to register in the Selective Service, former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said it was “crazy,” a “radical idea” put forward by leftists who think “gender doesn’t matter,” and who want to “bring about the end of male-female.”

As was done in the debate over homosexual marriage, said Bachmann, leftists are pushing the idea that gender differences do not really exist, are “meaningless,” that it is all “a social construct,” which, she stressed, is “nonsense.”

On the Feb. 9 radio show Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, the host explained that the purpose of registering with the Selective Service “is to be prepared for a draft in the event of a national emergency,” a war. Perkins then asked Bachmann her views on what some presidential candidates were saying about the issue and what she thinks of the idea.

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