Michelle Malkin Destroys Media Attack of Ben Carson with One Tweet

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The high-tech lynching of Dr. Ben Carson has been in full effect by the Democrat operatives in the left-wing media. It all started when POLITICO published a lie-based hit piece about Dr. Carson accusing him of lying about being accepted and offered a scholarship to attend West Point, decades ago in 1969. Except, that wasn’t the story. POLITICO twisted words to say what they wanted him to say to begin the media takedown of the retired pediatric neurosurgeon who also happens to be a black Republican polling either number one or two in the GOP presidential primary thus far.

The media has covered for Barack Hussein Obama for years, looking past his lies in order to prop him up as the ‘first black president.’ Except, he isn’t the first black president. Barack Obama is biracial. If elected, Ben Carson would be the first black president, but the left-wing media cannot allow that to happen because Carson is a Republican.

Despite being called out for the lie-based attack on Carson, the media has upped their ante in their attempt to bring him down with some ridiculing him over a picture in his home. The picture is a drawing of Carson, a Christian, with Jesus behind him resting his hand around Carson’s shoulder.

As a Seventh Day Adventist and also a pediatric neurosurgeon who performed complicated, to put it mildly, life changing operations, Carson undoubtedly sees Jesus as his guide in life and in his work. But, that hasn’t stopped people from using the portrait to classify him as a narcissistic nut.

Sick and tired of the double standard when it comes to Carson vs. Obama, the always outspoken Michelle Malkin, author of the new book Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best & Brightest Workersslammed the hypocritical coverage in one powerful tweet.

Bravo, Michelle.

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In addition to these pictures, who could forget the god-like reverberations in the audio of Obama speaking or his applying godlike powers to his presidency when accepting the Democrat nomination by stating the rise of the oceans will stop and the planet will heal?

But then again, there have always been two sets of rules when it comes to black candidates. If you’re a black Democrat, you are exalted because you are obviously down for the struggle. After all, you’re a Democrat. You are ‘sensible’ and welcomed with open arms by the leftist media who will work overtime to prop you up. If you’re lucky, you may even give some in the liberal media a thrill up their leg.

However, if you are a black Republican you are labeled an Uncle Tom, a white wanna be, token or a safe Negro used only to criticize Obama. You are accused of not caring about black people and not believing in civil rights. You are made to be a target of scorn and the left-wing media will work overtime to take you down not just politically, but also personally.

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They will assassinate your career and your character.

It happened to Herman Cain. It happened Alan Keyes. They still try it with Clarence Thomas. And now they are working to take down Dr. Ben Carson.

Heck, the leftist media probably see their attack on Dr. Carson as a 2 for 1. He’s a black Republican and a outspoken Christian…two of their favorite targets.

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