Michelle Obama Once Again Goes on the Attack Against White People, and It’s Ridiculous

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When Barack Obama was ushered into the presidency in 2008, it was due to the full court press upon America to ‘make history’ by electing ‘the first black president.’ He claimed to be the great uniter. Under Obama, there would be no red states or blue states, but a United States of America. The country would finally escape the shadow of its slavery history, so said the Left, with Obama’s election. The reality of the Obama presidency, however, couldn’t be further from this rosy picture that was painted so that he could get his Marxist meat hooks in America as he worked to fundamentally transform the country far from being the place our Founders intended.

[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”5517620b381df”][vc_column_text]During Obama’s time as president, he has perpetually played the race card in an attempt to shame white and rile up blacks with the ultimate, twisted goal being to use psychological warfare against people in order to maintain power and control. Michelle Obama has followed in his footsteps, never missing an opportunity to slam the people of America by making accusations and insinuations that, at its core, America is racist. It is a shameful display of hypocrisy from the Obamas given the fact that Barack occupies the seat of the presidency.

Monday was no different. In fact, it was worse. While giving a speech for the grand opening of the Whitney museum in New York’s meat packing district, Michelle Obama used it as an opportunity to slam and shame museums as being only for white people.

“You see, there are so many kids in this country who look at places like museums and concert halls and other cultural centers and they think to themselves, well, that’s not a place for me, for someone who looks like me, for someone who comes from my neighborhood. In fact, I guarantee you that right now, there are kids living less than a mile from here who would never in a million years dream that they would be welcome in this museum.”


“And growing up on the South Side of Chicago, I was one of those kids myself. So I know that feeling of not belonging in a place like this. And today, as first lady, I know how that feeling limits the horizons of far too many of our young people.”

[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”553157113d3ff”][vc_column_text]What a low-class way to insult the very place that you were asked to help celebrate its opening. But, it’s what the Obama’s do. Any opportunity they have to bash America, and especially white people in America, and inflame racial tensions, they’ll take.

It looks like the change that Obama wanted us to believe in was actually taking America back decades to another time where race relations were heated thanks to the Democrat party’s Jim Crow laws and slavery.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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