Michelle Obama’s Healthy Lunch Program Now Features Sharia Compliant Halal Meat

During the past six and a half years that Obama has been president, Christians have faced increased targeting and persecution by both progressive LGBT activists and the Obama administration itself. Christian business have been sued when the owner refuses to act as a vendor for a homosexual wedding citing their First Amendment right to freedom of religion. But, the push to make everyone embrace homosexuality and same-sex marriage has trumped the constitutional right to religious liberty.

At the same time, we have witnessed Barack Obama himself vehemently defend Islam, refusing to even call out radical Islamic terrorists as such. The protectionism provided to Islam under Obama is even worse than you may have thought.  In an effort to abide by Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch program, at least one school district is making sure they serve Sharia compliant food to all students in order to accommodate Muslim students.

San Diego 6 reports on the menu changes at Crawford High School. The station said, “A new popular dish found exclusively on the Crawford High School cafeteria lunch menu is making a world of difference to students who are mostly Muslim.” They continued, “Because their faith does not allow them to eat pork or pork products and no meat slaughtered outside their religion guidelines, the district’s food and nutrition services is offering halal chicken, twice a week.”

Gary Petill, the food and nutrition services director for the San Diego Unified School District, explained the use of halal meat as simply “offering special meals because too many students where choking down their previous offerings.” He says that the new dish, halal chili lime chicken, is a hit with 400 more students buying lunch from the cafeteria on those days.

What Petill did not address is why the same dish could not have been made previously with non-Sharia compliant meat. Was Sharia law required in order to make a dish more tasty?

Although the Sharia compliant halal chicken is more expensive Petill said they make up the cost because of the number of students buying lunch on those days. He added that the halal chicken meal is part of a pilot program, with more Sharia compliant dishes potentially on the way. It’s an effort, he added, to serve minority students food that they are familiar with and, in the case of Muslims, that complies with the guidelines of Islam.

“We really try to work with the communities to best fit the food choices that they have, because we want students to eat,” Petill said.

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