Mike Pence Endorses Ted Cruz; Principled Reagan Conservative with Convictions [AUDIO]

The long-awaited endorsement of conservative Indiana Governor Mike Pence finally happened with the popular Hoosier throwing his much sought after support to Ted Cruz, just four days before the pivotal Indiana primary.

Appearing on WIBC with radio talk show host, Greg Garrison, Pence made his endorsement announcement just after noon eastern time.

Calling himself a longtime Reagan conservative who has fought for conservative principles and traditional values his entire adult life, Governor Pence said he believed that Ted Cruz best exemplified the principles Ronald Reagan represented and had a proven track record of fighting for them.

Pence said that he was a Democrat as a teenager, but then heard Reagan’s vision of the principles of “less government, less taxes, traditional values, and a strong military,” and was drawn to the Republican Party by hearing Reagan articulate these conservative ideas. “Those have been the principles that have really animated my service,” Pence told Garrison.

Pence politely applauded both Donald Trump and John Kasich, who is the governor of neighboring Ohio. The Indiana governor recently met with all three candidates and said he liked and respected all of them.

“This is a time for choosing,” Pence said, mirroring the name of the famous speech Reagan gave in 1964 that launched The Gipper’s political career. “All of America is looking to Indiana to make a choice,” he said.

Mike Pence said that he is “very impressed with Ted Cruz’s knowledge of the Consitution” and his standing up for limited government, even against the establishment in his own party means that he had “shown the courage of his convictions.”

“I see Ted Cruz as a principled conservative who’s dedicated his career to advocating the Reagan agenda and I’m pleased to support him.” 

“I really admire the way Ted Cruz has been willing to stand up for taxpayers in opposing runaway spending, deficits and debt, calling for and leading on repealing Obamacare,” Pence revealed, further stating that he was also impressed with Cruz’s devotion and knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms it represents, as well as his position on the sanctity of life.

Pence agreed that it’s not popular to take on the leadership of one’s own party, as Cruz has done.

“I just think the man has shown the courage of his convictions. It’s not a popular thing in Washington, DC, to take on the leadership of your own party,” Pence asserted, noting his time doing the same thing while serving as a congressman serving The Hoosier State. “He’s been willing to do that.”

Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson told FOX News in response to Pence’s endorsement of Ted Cruz that “endorsements haven’t had too much weight in many of these elections,” a hilarious proclamation since the Trump campaign has been touting the endorsement of famous former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight all week and yesterday, Trump was boasting about his endorsement from convicted rapist Mike Tyson.

Much credit was given to Scott Walker’s endorsement of Cruz in the days prior to the Wisconsin primary, giving the Texas senator a major come from behind victory after polls showed Trump leading.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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