Mississippi Councilman: To Stop ‘Police Brutality,’ Let’s Throw Rocks and Bottles at Cops!

The Black Lives Matter “movement” rests almost entirely upon a central premise of black supremacy and a notion that black citizens ought to be offered immunity from consequences in society based on alleged super-covert institutional racism that is around each and every corner.

The Black Lives Matter “movement” is, in fact, no movement at all- it is a justification for lawlessness and a movement dedicated to legitimizing and spreading racism in America. It’s cancerous and detrimental to our society and the sooner it follows the path of the Occupy “movement,” the better off all Americans will be (including Americans of color).

To emphasize how radical this racial vendetta has become, a Mississippi councilman has announced his new solution to supposed police brutality: when an officer is chasing a black suspect, citizens should unite to throw potentially-lethal objects at him or her.

And when these police then shoot citizens throwing rocks at their heads, be prepared to hear crimes of “racism” against “innocent black citizens”…

Jackson, Mississippi, Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes claimed on Friday that police who are chasing suspects through Jackson place minorities in danger and as such, should bear the brunt of black racism and the very-real physical threat of bottles, rocks and other dangerous items.

“What I suggest is we get the black leadership together, and as these jurisdictions come into Jackson we throw rocks and bricks and bottles at them. That will send a message we don’t want you in here,” Stokes said.

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On one hand, it’s outrageous that an adult (much less an elected official) could actually believe this to be a solution to an imagined problem.

On the other hand, however, it is relieving to finally see an erosion of the pretense of this “movement” which pretends to function as legitimate advocacy, but really serves as a campaign dedicated to lawlessness and a promotion of thuggish behavior.

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What remains telling, however, is that Stokes claims that throwing rocks at police is a solution when, in reality, it might be a better solution to advocate that suspects not run from the police in the first place.

When we have public officials calling for assaults on police officers who are simply doing their jobs, it becomes painfully evident that the society is coming off the tracks.

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Greg Campbell
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