Mizzou Student Body President Invents HUGE Lie to Push Racism Narrative

When I woke up this morning and went to Twitter, I saw that #PrayForMizzou was trending. For those who are unaware, Mizzou refers to the University of Missouri. It is the site of protests by black students who claimed rampant racism on the campus and an environment in which they did not feel ‘safe.’ The students took over public areas and black members of the football team walked out of practice in a boycott.

The students targeted university president Tim Wolfe, accusing him of not dealing with what they said were racist incidents. The black students reported, with no evidence, that white students yelled the N-word at them from moving vehicles and also while walking by a group of black students and a swastika was drawn with feces on a wall. Wolfe resigned from his position as president and asked that the students use his resignation to heal. The chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, also lost his job. Then, as tensions became more heated, student body president and 2015 homecoming king Payton Head, who is black and openly gay, made an announcement that spurred panic and fear throughout the campus and more accusations of racism.

Head tweeted that the KKK was confirmed to be on campus and told students should stay away from windows, I guess to avoid getting shot, and take precautions. He went even further with his claim and said that he was working with authorities regarding the matter.

There’s only one problem with Head’s tweet. He LIED. After being caught in his lie, Head deleted his post and retracted it with a pseudo-apology that still absolved himself from any damage he may have caused. After all, according to Head he was simply trusting numerous sources which turned out to be incorrect.

But, Twitchy caught Head in another lie. He encouraged students to follow @MUalerts, the “ONLY account with confirmed information,” for updated and accurate info. According to the timestamps, @MUalerts stated 19 minutes before Head’s fear-mongering lie that there was no active threats of any kind on campus.

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Based upon the lie that Head told to ramp up the allegations of the Mizzou campus being an inherently dangerous and racist environment for black students, it makes you wonder what other lies have been told to push that narrative.

In addition, if the University of Missouri is so consumed with racism to the point where black students “don’t feel safe,” then how is it that Payton Head, a black student, was elected student body president? Not only that, the majority of students on the executive cabinet with Head are minorities.

MSU Executive Cabinet

And if the racism is systemic at Mizzou, how was student body president Head, a black student, also elected homecoming king just under one month ago?


Is it also suspect that Head is not only from Chicago, the city of Obama’s community agitating, but he also served as an intern in the mayor’s office?

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I’m not saying that there are not racist people at Mizzou. There are racist people everywhere and there always will be. Blacks are guilty of racism, too. There is no such thing as utopia here on this earth.

But, there are many questions regarding the stories being told and the allegations that have cost people their jobs at Mizzou. If this is a hoax, then those responsible need to be held accountable and Head should be held accountable for his lie.

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