Mob of Drunken Muslims Attack London Synagogue Yelling ‘Kill the Jews!’

A mob of drunken Muslims stormed a London synagogue at the end of the Sabbath, early Sunday, as Jews were gathered solemnly in prayer. The attackers, comprised of both men and women, shouted “Kill the Jews” as they attacked the Ahavas Toya synagogue. The victims used chairs as shields in an effort to protect themselves. Windows were smashed and one man was assaulted.

In total, four men and two women were arrested in conjunction with the attack. Far from being isolated, it is one of many that the world has witnessed against Jews as anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence have increased, especially in Europe.

While some, including police and Rabbi Maurice Davis, do not believe the attack is solely anti-Semitic, stating it is also anti-social, others do not agree describing the attack on the synagogue as blatantly anti-Semitic with their belief proven by a video which captured the attack. (See Video Below)

Meir Taub, a member of the local Shomrim, a Jewish patrol set up to counter violence against Jews, told the Telegraph he was called to the incident shortly after it began.


“I came down and there was a huge group of people, men and women, trying to force their way into the synagogue,” Taub said. “The window had already been smashed. Teenagers were shouting abuse. It was blatantly anti-Semitic, they came and attacked a synagogue.”


Jewish leaders said they turned over footage of the incident, which captured violence as well as the chants of “Kill the Jews.”


“I have clear footage which I’m going to show to the police, which clearly shows there were anti-Semitic chants,” Taub said.

Fox News reports that the Community Security Trust released a publication on Thursday indicating that there were 1,168 anti-Semitic incidents during the year.

One of the most prominent attacks was the massacre at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine which had been threatened numerous times for their cartoons lampooning Mohammad, by Muslim terrorists in which 12 people where killed. Shortly after, Muslim terrorists, believed to be from the same terror cell as the Charlie Hebdo attackers, ambushed a Jewish deli holding numerous people hostage. Four hostages were killed in that attack.

The rise of violent anti-Semitic incidents throughout Europe is a very real problem.

In February, a man attacked a synagogue in Copenhagen, killing a Jewish man guarding the building during a Bat Mitzvah celebration. Hours earlier, the same man attacked a cultural center where a debate on blasphemy and freedom of expression was taking place, killing a man and injuring three police officers. Also in February, hundreds of Jewish graves were desecrated in a cemetery near Strasbourg, France. And last May, a man shot and killed four people in a Jewish museum in Brussels.

There is growing concern as to the safety of Jews in Europe and whether their day to day activities, from praying in the synagogue, to shopping at Jewish markets, and even children at Jewish schools, will bring about danger. In January,  a record number of Jews reportedly immigrated to Israel. A 10-year high 26,500 Jews left their countries to make Israel their new home. France alone accounted for 7,000 Jewish immigrants to Israel.

As the rise in violence against Jews in Europe continues, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has encouraged Jews in European countries to move to Israel. He said, “I would like to tell all European Jews and all Jews wherever they are: Israel is the home of every Jew.”

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