The Mocking of Rachel Maddow Continues with this Doozy by Michelle Malkin

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow seriously teed up her “breaking story” in which she planned to release President Trump’s tax returns. Maddow worked that angle so much that other news outlets beat her to the punch and broke her story for her as she dragged it out.

In the end, the tax returns were not only a nothingburger, they were a career embarrassment for Maddow.

The 2005 tax return showed that Donald Trump made over $150 million that year and paid a higher percentage of taxes than Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and MSNBC’s parent company, NBC.

Maddow was mocked hilariously on Twitter with people comparing her reveal to the buildup by Geraldo Rivera decades ago of Al Capone’s vault. After Geraldo’s intense build up, it turned out the vault was empty and Geraldo had egg on his face.

Conservative Review’s Michelle Malkin continued the mocking of Maddow on Wednesday morning with this doozy of a tweet to the hashtag that smeared dozens of eggs all over Maddow’s face, #NextMaddowBombshell.

Here are a few other hilarious tweets from others in this well deserved mocking of Rachel Maddow who proved with her ridiculous stunt that journalism among mainstream media is truly dead.

One person inserted the names Trump and Melania for Hillary Clinton and Bill to point out the media ignoring what truly is a bombshell.

This one brought to mind the non-story by the media that Trump ordered his steak well done and ate it with ketchup.

I don’t care who you are. That’s funny, right there!

Maddow seemed to think the fact that Trump, as a private citizen and real estate magnate, had a real estate deal with someone from Russia in 2005 was controversial. Oh, the horrors! There were a few tweets mocking the media’s obsession with making Trump/Russia connections.

Do you think Rachel Maddow will be back on the air today or will she stay at home so she can continue to clean the egg off of her face?

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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