Mom Discovers Her Kids Acting Like ‘Thugs’ Online, Does THIS to Teach Them Respect


Too few parents today keep a close eye on what their kids are up to. Having been taught that it is the government’s job to educate them and the television’s job to raise them, many parents simply tune-out the red flags that appear in their kids’ behavior.

One hardworking Memphis mother, however, is no ordinary mom. When Shonta Love discovered that her teenage sons were behaving like “thugs” on Facebook and glamorizing the “gangsta” lifestyle in their posts, Love decided it was time to teach them respect.

The boys were reportedly authoring posts that glamorized the Bloods streetgang and were posting sexual and crude postings.

“I look on here and I was like, ‘What in the world? I’m not raising him to be a thug,’” Love said.

So, the mother made the teenage boys stand on a street corner with signs that read:

“My mom works 3 jobs and I’m being disrespectful and ungrateful on Facebook.”

The boys stood where everybody could see them for 40 minutes.

Some criticized Love for shaming the boys, but she doesn’t seem to care. For her, she claimed, it was all about saving her sons from going down the wrong path.

“I choose not to lose my boys to the street. Under no circumstances,” Love said.

Being a parent is about more than being a friend and a supplier of iPhones. It’s about instilling the right values and lessons and when or if children go astray (as they sometimes do), the dedicated parent will do whatever it takes to yank them back to reality.

And it worked- the boys reportedly apologized to their mother for the disrespectful posts.


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Greg Campbell
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