More Bad News for Marco: Donors Pulling Support for Rubio Before Florida Primary

Florida is make-or-break time for Marco Rubio . The Florida senator who has maintained that his support from establishment Republicans would make him more electable in a race against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is reportedly banking on support in his home state of Florida in the primary on March 15th.

The Florida primary is winner-take-all and a closed primary. If Rubio should win, he would walk away with 99 delegates. While that would not be good enough to deliver him the nomination outright, reports have emerged indicating that Rubio could be looking to merely siphon-off enough delegates to keep any one candidate from obtaining a majority. In such a case without a majority, delegates would be released from their obligations and would be allowed to vote however they wish.

In this atmosphere, it’s likely Rubio would attempt to broker a nomination through politicking.

But then again, that’s if Rubio can win Florida… and that’s big “if”…

Rubio’s own advisers are reportedly urging him to bow-out of the race before Florida as a means of saving face for a later run.

To make matters worse for the candidate, donors who are not seeing a clear pathway to victory are reportedly getting cold feet and holding-onto their donations at a time when Rubio, if he is to have a shot at winning Florida, needs them the most.

Craig Duchossois, who contributed $500,000 last year to a PAC that supported Jeb Bush, explained,

“Super Tuesday came and Rubio didn’t do as well as some of us hoped. So people are saying, ‘Let’s see how this thing shakes out.”

The investor explained that he’s “holding back” on cutting a check.

“We’ll see what happens on next Tuesday in Florida,” said Ron Gidwitz, another donor who once backed Bush and now is watching Rubio. “We’ll see how real he is at that point.”

The Rubio Campaign has appeared to accept that the campaign cannot survive if Rubio doesn’t win Florida. Currently, Trump is projected to win, but a lot can change in the coming days.

The current fiscal situation facing Rubio is a real problem. Rubio needs the money if he’s going to have a shot at Florida, but investors don’t want to flush money down a campaign with no chance at winning and Rubio needs Florida if he’s going to have that chance.

The Rubio Campaign has roughly $5 million in cash on hand, about half of what Ted Cruz has and a fraction of the largely self-funded billionaire Donald Trump has.

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