More Violence Against Cops: This Time it’s From an Obama White House Staffer

Obama Staffer Barvetta Singletary. Image Credit: WJLA, FOX News

Obama has largely filled the White House with lawless leftist radicals and anti-American unconstitutionalists who in a sane world, where rule of law mattered, would be in jail for treason.

Another example of the Obama Regime’s lawlessness, which the leftstream media is trying to bury, is the resignation of Obama staffer Barvetta Singletary on Wednesday, following an indictment on assault and other charges.

As the story goes, after an alleged sexual encounter, Singletary got into a heated argument with a U.S. Capitol Police officer at her home. The Obama staffer is being accused of grabbing the officers service weapon and then firing it once in the police officer’s direction.

While the story has been reported by WJLA, as the The Weekly Standard reported, the story has gone mostly unreported by major media outlets.


We all know that if a staffer from a Republican administration had taken a cop’s gun and shot at him, it would be front page news, following by in-depth coverage.

Fortunately, the shot didn’t hit the police officer and no one was hurt, according to WJLA’s report.

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As BizPac Review pointed out, social media did the heavy lifting for old-left media, since they were trying to make sure the story didn’t see the light of day:

Why isn’t Obama speaking out about the “gun culture” at the Obama White House after this story? Or, one has to wonder whether cop-hater Obama will demand that she take target practice classes so that her aim is better next time.

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