MSNBC Host: #Brexit Vote Was Just ‘Good Old-Fashioned Xenophobia’

The left is throwing a temper tantrum today. The #Brexit vote was about far more than a simple “yes” or “no” with regards to staying in the European Union. It was a rejection of globalism and a resounding show of support for sovereignty.

It may have come a few hundred years later, but on behalf of America, welcome to the world of independence, UK!

The #Brexit vote send shockwaves throughout the left because it was a rejection of big government and a rejection of globalized socialism.

It was also a rejection of absurd policies geared towards promoting an Islamic conquering of Europe under the guise of promoting multiculturalism.

The decision means that leaving the EU will remove the UK from the free travel and immigration policies that have had disastrous consequences for much of Europe.

Not surprisingly, the liberal sour grapes crowd is claiming that the decision was made out of a supposed hatred for immigrants.

On Friday, MSNBC host Craig Melvin interviewed MSNBC contributor Christopher Dickey, an editor for the Daily Beast.

With the echo chamber in place, the duo took turns agreeing with each other and asserting that the vote was just “good old-fashioned xenophobia.”

“A lot of it has to do with … the fear that was driving this,” Dickey said. “The idea that terrorism, immigration, migrants, all of that was somehow threatening the British way of life and threatening the possibilities of getting jobs for young people, even though there was very little proof of that. It’s all about building walls to try and keep the status quo and say we can improve things, if we can keep the status quo and keep our, as they say, independence.”

“It sounds like some old-fashioned xenophobia,” Melvin said.

Yes- let’s all pretend that it’s all some sort of irrational fear held by Britons that their country is being taken-over by Middle Eastern immigrants…

It is not a human right to be able to immigrate wherever one pleases. If Britons wish for a slowing of the modern-day crusades, that is certainly reasonable.

What the left is truly upset about is the simple fact that this is a refutation of their agenda and they understand that if it can happen in the UK, it can certainly happen in the more-conservative United States.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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