MSNBC Host: NY Times Promoting Islamophobia by Showing Terrorist in Hijab

The New York Times serves as a bastion of liberal ideology. Unapologetically biased to the point of unintentional comedy, the Grey Lady dutifully parrots the left’s talking points while posturing as an authority of the written word and a hold-out of American journalism.

However, though The Times is remarkably far left-of-center, they have fallen short of the extreme expectations of MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry who recently blasted the paper for daring to offer a picture of the Islamic terrorists behind the San Bernardino attack.

Her rationale? By including a picture of the female terrorist in a hijab, the paper is promoting Islamophobia.

Activist Linda Sarsour claimed that America’s perspective changed on the shooting when it was revealed to be an act of terrorism.

“All of a sudden we find out they’re Muslim. Bam, gun violence is out of the question,” she said. “We start talking about terrorism. And I’m extremely disturbed. I mean, I looked at the New York Times cover today. There, you have a whole op-ed on gun control. Great. Right next to it is pictures from the apartment of things that I have in my house.”

“Yes!” Harris-Perry interjected.

“These are things that all Muslims have in their house,” Sarsour said. “There’s nothing about that that tells you a story about what terrorism looks like. So you’re telling me that when my friends who are not Muslim come into my home and see a Koran or see frames on the wall with a scripture from my religion, is that supposed to tell you something? I mean, it’s absolutely outrageous.”

Harris-Perry offered a meandering and befuddled analysis of the picture included in The Times’ reporting, saying,

“Also, right next to it [is] an image of the shooting suspect there in an hijab. And the idea that, okay, this is what terrorism looks like, I … for me, that is a difference, and it is a material and meaningful difference in how we … so on the one hand again, I want to be able to talk about what the thing is that is terrorism. On the other hand, I have to reflect that this happens only for specific communities.”

It is what terrorism looks like when the person in the picture is a terrorist.

Remember when white people freaked-out over pictures of Timothy McVeigh being released in the media?

No, me neither…

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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