MSNBC’s Al Sharpton Heads to Baltimore to Throw Gasoline on the Fire

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, who has made a living as a professional racial grievance industry profiteer, has never met a crisis involving black people that he didn’t want to exploit. Typically, when he butts his nose in business where it doesn’t belong, violence erupts, lives are ruined, and chaos ensues. We saw it with his false accusations of rape against the Duke LaCrosse team, which led to the coach losing his job and the lives of the LaCrosse team being destroyed. We saw it with the Crown Heights riots back in 1991. Most recently, we witnessed it in Ferguson, where Sharpton repeated a false mantra of ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” as he railed against the police and white America, facts be damned.

Baltimore is burning. The violence is out of control. As the chaos continues, the city can look forward to the arrival of Al Sharpton, just in time to throw gasoline on the fire.

In a supposed search for answers in the death of Freddie Gray, Sharpton said he will go to Baltimore to conduct a march from the city to Washington, D.C. Gray died on April 19 while in police custody from a spinal injury. There are still questions surrounding what happened, but that hasn’t stopped the rioters and instigators from attacking police, setting buildings and cars on fire, looting, destroying private property and stealing cell phones, clothing, liquor, and other merchandise in Gray’s memory.

In a statement, Sharpton said, “I have been asked by many in the Baltimore area since Day 1 to get involved in the justice for Freddie Gray movement.”

Notice he waited until after the violence started to go exacerbate the situation, though he claims he decided to go to Baltimore after learning that the report about Gray’s death would be released a few days late on May 1.

The Baltimore Sun reports on Sharpton’s planned march.

Sharpton said the march from Baltimore to Washington is designed to bring Gray’s case — as well as others before him, including Walter Scott, who was shot by a police officer in North Charleston, S.C. — to the attention of Loretta Lynch, the new U.S. attorney general.

“Ms. Lynch, in her new role that we all supported, must look and intervene in these cases,” Sharpton said. “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Because, you know, Lynch must have been living under a rock and has no idea what has happened in either case.

With Sharpton in town, one thing we can be certain of is this. If his track record continues, MSNBC’s race baiting loud mouth will make things worse, not better.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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