MSNBC’s Al Sharpton’s Henchmen are Now Shaking Down GM; Their Ultimate Target? Kid Rock

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Kid Rock will not bow to the whims of the PC police and their attempt to ban anything and everything that offends them, especially when it comes to erasing the history of this country to do so. After he was thrust into the conversation following a demand from MSNBC’s Al Sharpton’s shakedown group National Action Network, NAN, that he denounce the Confederate battle flag and cease using it in any capacity. Kid Rock released a statement via Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that those who were demanding that he denounce the flag could “Kiss my a$$.”

Obviously displeased over Kid Rock’s refusal to succumb to his demands, the president of the Michigan chapter of Al Sharpton’s NAN, ‘Rev.’ Charles Williams II, has taken his attempt to control speech to an entirely new level.[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”5517620b381df”][vc_column_text]Williams has begun to pressure General Motors to end sponsorship of Kid Rock if he does not comply with their demand to denounce and cease using the Confederate battle flag.

Though the group reportedly does not know the last time Kid Rock actually used the flag and could not name any specific instance, they believe he should repent for ever using it at all by denouncing it. Williams said, “I think that this flag really has no place in the public square anymore. I think that within the entertainment industry, Kid Rock should definitely take leadership and dismiss this flag from his show.”

Kid Rock, who was born and raised in Detroit which is where General Motors is headquartered, is not one to cave and has not responded to Williams push to interfere with his business relationship with GM.


General Motors, however, did release a statement that may lead to more pressure from the PC police who seek to control all aspects of society, going so far as to attempt to destroy anyone and anything that does not adhere to their agenda.

In their official statement, GM said, “we are committed to our sponsorship of Kid Rock’s summer tour and are confident that he will provide his fans, many of whom are proud Chevrolet owners, with a spectacular concert experience that celebrates American Freedom.”

But, that’s not good enough for Williams. Like the spoiled brat Veruca Salt, in Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Williams and his shakedown group NAN want what they want and they want it now.

Williams responded, “This type of attitude and this type of promotion of symbols of hate — or even hate speech — just have no more place, whether it’s entertainment or whether it’s in the public square. We believe that Kid Rock really should have done the right thing and he really should do the right thing, and if he doesn’t, General Motors needs to take action fast.”

“This is a moment that Kid Rock, who is an entertainer, could take the opportunity to show some leadership,” Williams said.

It should be noted that the leadership that Williams is seeking is actually Kid Rock giving in to his strong-arm tactics. He added, “However, he decided to, in our opinion, back up into a place of ignorance and continue promoting that flag.”

In continuing his push for control of thought, business, and contracts, Williams said he intended to sit with GM officials to explain to them why they should not want to associate their company with Kid Rock. To put it another way, he intends to threaten them with further action against their corporate enterprise if GM does not comply with his demands.

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Williams did indeed threaten General Motors with the following statement if they refused to end their sponsorship of Kid Rock’s summer concerts.

“In order for them (General Motors) to be what we consider to be a good corporate citizen, they shouldn’t take dollars from folks like myself or other African-Americans who look at this flag as a hate symbol and send them to Kid Rock to sponsor his concerts.”

Ever since the Confederate battle flag was blamed for the decision of a deranged racist white man to kill nine black Christians in a church, there has been a push to banish it, and anything related to it, from all of society. It started with a debate on whether to remove the flag from the capitol grounds of South Carolina, where it had been since erected by a Democrat governor in opposition to the Civil Rights movement. The country quickly saw an even greater push to act like the Civil War never happened.

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Monuments have been defaced and some removed. Confederate flags have been taken up from the grave sites of Confederate soldiers. Retailers like Amazon, Ebay and Walmart announced that they would no longer sell anything bearing the Confederate battle flag. An Amazon representative actually said the decision was made to cease selling such items because the government told them to.

In an even more sick and depraved move, the City of Memphis recently voted to dig up the bodies of a Confederate general and his wife. The list of loony and disturbing decisions and events that have occurred in an effort to do away with the history of the South goes on.

There is one thing that someone should definitely share with Williams and those of his ilk. He does not speak for all African-Americans. No one put him in charge to speak on the behalf of every black person in America.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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