MTV News: It’s Impossible for Black People to Be Racist

It is undeniable that America has a long history of racism towards people of color. Just as it is wrong to try and rewrite history for the sake of “progressivism,” it is equally wrong to deny legitimate history.

However, though this nation has a sordid history of discrimination, it has also worked very hard to overcome these behaviors and as a result, the pendulum has swung in the opposite fashion.

Today, racism against whites is not only far more socially tolerated, it is codified in law as a supposed remedy to historical inequalities.

Though much of the nation’s minority communities remain impoverished and hopelessly dependent upon the government, many on the left insist it is institutional racism that keeps these populations downtrodden.

Meanwhile, open discrimination against whites is legitimized and encouraged on a government level via affirmative action policies. Discrimination and violence against whites is openly encouraged on a societal level by the black supremacy movement, “Black Lives Matter,” a movement with no clear, articulable goals beside demonizing whites and police officers.

Recently, Franchesca Ramsey of MTV News offered a bit of shocking commentary as she asserted that black people simply cannot be racist.

Asserting that “reverse racism is not a thing,” Ramsey claims that black people cannot be racist as to be racist would require power. Because the big, bad white man is, supposedly, hoarding all of the socio-political power, Ramsey claims that blacks cannot be racist as they have been deprived the means of being racist by—you guessed it—the white racists.

So, the next time that you hear of an associate or associate’s child getting denied an opportunity because they’re white, remember that Ramsey says that that is not possible.

Remember that the next time a white person gets the hell beat out of them for being white in a predominantly black neighborhood, that that simply cannot happen.

Remember that the next time a police officer shoots a fleeing, armed black man pointing a gun at officers, he did so out of racial hatred, not genuine self-preservation.

The next time a #BlackLivesMatter community organizer claims that all white people “need to die,” take comfort in knowing that she’s not actually a racist.

Ramsey tries to assume some sort of authoritative posture when speaking of race because she’s black. However, the truth is that such hateful rhetoric masquerading as substantive thoughts on the issue of race relations in America is infinitely more dangerous to America than any thug or individual racist uttering unkind slurs.

In truth, while Ramsey and other race-hustlers like her cannot be directly blamed for such acts of violence, rhetoric like hers is precisely the kind of validation used and warped to justify violence like that seen in Ferguson and Baltimore and even the recent murders in Virginia by a deranged black racist.

It makes you long for the days when MTV just talked about music, huh?

UPDATE: Political commentator Paul Joseph Watson created a video to refute Ramsey’s amazingly racist perspective. Check it out:

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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