Racist MTV Writer Goes After Jeff Sessions’ Toddler Granddaughter on Twitter

MTV writer Ira Madison III, Jeff Sessions and family

It is not unusual for the someone up for a Senate confirmation to be surrounded by members of their family. In the case of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, a Republican, part of his family includes his four grandchildren who happen to be Asian-American since his daughter is married to a man of Asian descent.

At one point early in the Senate hearing, Sessions had one of his young granddaughters on his lap. I’m sure she was happy to be sitting with grandpa and he was thrilled to share this monumental moment with her.

Enter MTV cultural writer Ira Madison III, who happens to be black. Of course, the narrative being pushed by the Left is that Sessions, who fought to desegregate schools in Alabama and who prosecuted a top member of the Ku Klux Klan for the murder of a black teen, is racist. The cry of racism is what those who practice identity politics do in order to turn people against someone they don’t like. Madison, being the good little bigoted social justice warrior he obviously is, decided that a picture of Sessions with his granddaughter on his lap would be the perfect one to use to attack Sessions as a racist and use Sessions’ innocent toddler granddaughter to as a way to attack him.

Check out Madison’s absolutely disgusting, unreal, hate-filled, and bigoted tweet.



Madison deleted the tweeted but replaced it with a series of tweets to try to make the point that Sessions is a racist, and I guess he thought he could best make that point by putting his racism and bigotry on full display at the expense of a child.




Of course, he offered a non-apology apology by putting the blame for his exhibition of racism using his grandchild as his target on Sessions himself.


Don’t worry. This bigoted racist jerk got called out on Twitter by many.


Even CNN anchor Jake Tapper weighed in with perhaps one of the best responses to Ira Madison III’s bigotry.

By the way, here is the lame response from MTV.

“The opinions Ira expresses on Twitter are his own and do not reflect the views of MTV News.”

Something tells me if Sessions was not white or a Republican, there would have been more outrage from MTV. After all, this is the station that put out the video, New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys, attacking every single white guy in America as a racist.

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