Muhammad Ali Funeral Turns Into Democrat Party Infomercial

Ali Funeral Hijacked by Progressive Leftist Democrats

Shamefully and disgustingly, the funeral of recently passed boxing legend Muhammad Ali turned into an infomercial for the Democrat Party, as progressive leftists were trotted up to speak — one by one — to push an anti-American agenda that sounded like one of Bernie Sanders’ or Hillary Clinton’s campaign speeches.

Yes, it was supposedly an “interfaith” ceremony, but the “religious leaders” selected to speak dropped their faith and seemingly replaced it with Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

For example, Rev. Kevin Cosby of St. Stephen Church of Louisville, Kentucky, Ali’s hometown, ripped both the U.S. Constitution and The Star-Spangled Banner as — you know what’s coming — racist.

Washington Examiner reports:

Rev. Kevin Cosby, pastor of St. Stephen Church in Louisville, Ky., used the U.S. Constitution to illustrate his claim that “every sacred document in our history conspired to convince the African in America that when God made the African, God was guilty of creative maleficence.”

“And even Francis Scott Key in his writing of The Star-Spangled Banner … He celebrates slavery by saying ‘No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” said Rev. Cosby at the Friday memorial service for the boxing great and civil rights activist.

Then there was Rabbi Michael Lerner, who spewed far-left talking points while declaring the next president of the United States as “she,” a reference, of course, to corrupt liar Hillary Clinton, whose husband, serial woman abuser Bill Clinton, delivered the eulogy.

You tell me what in the hell this Rabbi is doing calling for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to establish a Palestinian state, as well as talking ‘corporate greed’ and other Marxist claptrap at a funeral.

“Tell the next president of the United States that SHE should seek a constitutional amendment to make all national and state elections funded by Congress and the slate legislatures or all other sours of money be banned, including money from corporations, from individuals — all other money, make it all public funding!”

Watch it below via CSPAN,  h/t: Twitchy:

We at PolitiStick weren’t the only ones who say this political heist is shameful:

Leftist Democrats have a long history of playing politics out of tragedy and this is just another case. They should be embarrassed. It was Rahm Emanuel who infamously said that you should never let a crisis go to waste.

The Marxist speakers purposely failed to mention that Muhammad Ali endorsed conservative president Ronald Reagan in 1984.

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