Music Legend Bono Weighs in on Refugee Crisis, and the Left will Hate It [VIDEO]

Bono, frontman of the legendary music group U2, appeared on MSNBC’s The Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough on Tuesday. The singer is frequently quite outspoken when it comes to politics and his stance on certain issues may come as a surprise to some.

On the show, Bono spoke about the refugee crisis in Europe saying, among other things, that it poses an “existential threat on European unity” and the “very existence of Europe.”

After the Paris attacks and the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, Obama’s plan to relocate unvetted Syrian refugees to America came under increased criticism. The Islamic terrorist group ISIS has already vowed to infiltrate that group in order to attack America on her soil. Bono warned Americans that our country could be next in line to be harmed by the mass relocation of refugees.

“I know there’s election fever and I can see why people are getting carried away. But the next president might spend his first term not just putting out fires, but you know forest fires if you don’t get on top of this.”

In speaking about his trips to both the Somalian and Syrian border, Bono said that he wish he had better news to report, but the reality of the situation is something America needs to get aware of.

“I learned from that trip that a lot of this great work could get undone and furthermore, that it threatens the very existence of Europe. And that’s a big thing to lay on you at breakfast, and I know it’s not on the front page of the news here. But the refugee crisis places an existential threat on European unity.”

It will cause the same problems and issues here in America. Our leaders would be wise to heed Bono’s words.

h/t Daily Caller

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