Muslim Assistant Chief of Police Accused of Disrespecting the American Flag

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]”If you’re not pledging allegiance to the United States, my questions is what country are you pledging allegiance to?” an outraged Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz asked. “Anyone who isn’t offended by that is not American, because when you become a U.S. citizen, you pledge allegiance to the US,” Ortiz stated.[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”5517620b381df”][vc_column_text]The head of the city’s police union is accusing Miami’s assistant chief of police, Anita Najiy, of disrespecting America and her flag for refusing to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance, at a police event last week.

As you can see from the video below, Anita Najiy is standing in the front row (officer on the left), and is keeping her arms by her side, rather than placing her right hand over her heart, as is the customary way to show Old Glory the respect she deserves.  All other officers respectfully have their hands placed over their hearts.

According the the Miami Herald:

The city’s code of conduct for police officers clearly states that an officer in uniform, unless engaged in police duties, “will face the approaching flag and render a sharp military salute. Members in civilian clothes will stand at attention, holding right hand over left breast.”


The issue surfaced last week during a promotional ceremony at the police department’s College of Policing in which seven officers were added to the chief’s command staff. The event featured the city’s Honor Guard, which Najiy oversees.

“The flag is a symbol of our country. What is the difference if I decide to light a U.S. flag on fire in a police uniform?” Ortiz asked, noting that any disrespect of the American flag while in uniform should in no way be considered acceptable.

The Herald reached out to Najiy for comment, but she declined.


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