Muslim Immigrant Tries to Abduct a Young Girl in Sicily… It Doesn’t End Well for Him.

A piece of human garbage tried to abduct a little girl recently in Sicily. The man, a Muslim refugee from Senegal, West Africa, was evidently of the mindset that he was within his rights to satisfy his lust by abducting a 13-year-old girl.

However, he apparently did so in front of her uncle and his liquored-up friends.

The girl was waiting at a bus stop when she was approached by the Muslim refugee who tried to grab her. When she pushed him away, the man got angry and grabbed her violently by the arm and tried to carry her away.

However, the bus stop was across the street from a bar where her uncle and his friends were enjoying a beverage or two. When he saw the confrontation, the uncle and another man stormed across the street and without saying a word, began beating the man mercilessly.

After the man fell, they continued to beat him Sonny Corleone-style and kicking him to teach him a lesson that he should have already known: don’t go grabbing young girls.

The uncle took the girl to the bar where he and the bartender tried to calm her down. The refugee, apparently equipped with a sense of entitlement, called the authorities for assistance.

Police arrested both the Muslim refugee and the uncle. The refugee remains in custody while the uncle was released after being charged with willful personal injury.

Robert Rich beautifully explained the hypocrisy:

Not only do Muslims immigrants come to Western countries for the great opportunities, but once here, they show complete and utter disregard for our way of living and our laws. However, when things go wrong for them, they quickly pick up a phone and call police in hopes they’ll be there at a moment’s notice. The hypocrisy couldn’t possibly be any more apparent.

No, not all Muslim refugees are rapists and murderers. That is certainly not the case. However, we don’t know who is coming over the border. Syrian terrorists and family-oriented refugees alike can stream across the border and seek asylum and it is nothing short of cultural and national suicide to allow these refugees into Europe.

While Europe is busy importing their problems, the U.S. is set to do the same.

It’s unbelievable!

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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