Muslim Says Closing Prayer at ‘Trump’s’ GOP Convention [VIDEO]

Muslim Sajid Tarar praying at the Republican National Convention, the "Trump Convention," July 19, 2016

We received considerable pushback from Trump Cult members on Monday night when we reported that Donald Trump was going to have a Muslim give the closing prayer at day two of the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night.

Trumpaloompas were outraged, not at their orange god, but at me, your lowly writer, for relaying the unpleasant news to them. Many of them were in complete disbelief, even though I provided a copy to the RNC schedule program for Tuesday evening.

I would imagine that evangelicals, many of whom were duped by the New York con artist into voting for him, were especially frustrated and confused that their new lord and savior had abandoned them for the New World Order, the interfaith community, and political correctness.

After all, remember when he held up his Bible and shouted “Two Corinthians” as he said he was going to stand up for Christians.

As I wrote yesterday (yes, I’m plagiarizing myself), nothing says supporting the Judeo-Christian values that made America great than having a Muslim give the prayer at the Republican National Convention.

Well, on Tuesday evening, yours truly was proven correct, as is nearly always the case, as the founder of a front group known as “American Muslims for Trump,” Sajid Tarar, gave the benediction — the closing prayer — to close the convention on Tuesday night.

You have to give Sajid Tarar credit, however. He didn’t use the name of the Islamic god, “Allah,” which may have been even more upsetting to Trump cultists. And he only said prophet Muhammad only once.

Plus, to be more palatable, Tarar wasn’t dressed in traditional Muslim garb, nor did he get down on his Muslim prayer rug. No, he masqueraded in a nice-looking tuxedo, was a jolly-sounding fellow, almost like a Middle-Eastern version of Santa Claus.

To be clear, to all of those who said the story I posted last night was fictional, my sentiments echo those of awesome radio talk show host Steve Deace, who expressed his views on Facebook following the Muslim invocation:

But don’t worry, Trump sycophants, CNN talking heads like leftists Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash had their hearts warmed by the move to crush Judeo-Christian values at the GOP Convention. They loved it and gave the prayer lavish praise, even though they liked virtually nothing else about the convention. So at least the move made some people happy.

Donald Trump pandering to Muslims. Sad!

Here’s the video, via CSPAN, for all of you doubting Trumpists. And again, shame on you for being so gullible as to support a lifelong NY liberal with no respect for the truth, a con man who duped you when you could have had Ted Cruz. Shame on you. You disgust me.

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