MUST-WATCH: Black Woman Stands and SHREDS City Council Over Appointing of Illegals to Govt. Positions

On Monday, the Huntington Park City Council in Southeast Los Angeles faced an angry mob of citizens who had become irate that the council had appointed two illegal immigrants to commissions.

The council had selected two illegals who came to the country in violation of our laws for coveted positions on two government commissions and when they opened the decision up to public comment, were shocked to discover that the community was downright outraged that the council would so flagrantly disregard our nation’s laws.

The council meeting was packed into overflow attendance as one-by-one, angry speakers took to the podium to protest the council’s decision to grant illegals a foothold in government.

One such citizen was Chanell Temple, a woman who claims that she had not intended to speak-up, but could remain silent no longer.

Temple’s testimony before the council has gone viral as she makes an impassioned plea for her government to return to the rule of law.

Temple, a black woman, could hold her tongue no longer when someone compared illegal immigrants to slaves. Temple stood to offer a history lesson and a lesson in commonsense. (Emphasis added)

The Huntington Park City Council is being paid with taxpayers’ money to do a job within rules and regulations. According to your board behind you, it says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” I want to paraphrase that and say: Where there is no law, the people perish.

In the U.S. we have one rule of law. I also want to talk about the Fourteenth Amendment, which was added to the Constitution in regards to blacks being given birthright citizenship because blacks helped build this country, including the White House—twice.

(Interjection: Right on!)

Please do not tarnish the name of black slaves by comparing them to your plight. There’s no comparison. None.

Black slaves did not break into this country, okay. They were brought here against their will. Also, black slaves are not immigrants. Immigrants are people with a choice, they come here by choice. Black slaves didn’t have choice.

That’s offensive to me because I’m a descendant of a black slave. And trust me, works and I can trace my people back from when they landed here on the boat. I know the village where my people came from in Africa, OK? So please, do not try to get away with using that. That’s very offensive.

This country has been good to illegal immigrants. You have been given jobs, houses, tax money, free tax money, welfare, Social Security, they open up business for you guys, et cetera.

None—I don’t know of any illegal aliens who have been hung from a tree. I don’t know of any of them illegal aliens who have dogs been sicced on. So that’s very offensive for you to sit up here and allow these people to say that and get away with it. Things that people are going to feel sorry for. That’s very offensive, OK? Do the right thing.

My people get three strikes. I have a nephew in jail now–22 years!–for something he didn’t do.

My people commit a crime, they go to jail. You people commit a crime, they get amnesty. It is wrong…

(Cheers, applause)

And we’re not going to have it. We’re not going to have a set of laws for you people and a set of laws for us.

And if you can’t follow the law, talking about “perish,” your job needs to perish.

You get paid with taxpayers’ money and you are misappropriating taxpayers’ money when you pick up your check.

As amazingly spot-on as Temple’s impromptu testimony might have been, her explanation the following day is even more cutting and precise: (Emphasis added)

I grew up in the Huntington Park area. I was raised in that area. I live in Hawthorne now. That area over there has been a Latino area for decades, for a long time. They witnessed racial tension in that area. My mother was a property owner over in that area.

What I said last night was not my intention. What kind of disturbed me is when someone got up and talked about slavery. There is no comparison. They need to stop pretending like they are being mistreated. They have pushed and disturbed the community. They have 95% of the jobs and they still act like they are mistreated.

Yes I am black, but I’m an American. They are getting away with murder. I was in Sacramento recently, and I protested about Kate Steinle. Then they get a get-out-of-jail-free card, and my nephew is in jail. They release them–30,000, if not more–every year. They put them right back on the street and it’s not right.

The black community–we’re tired of them citing civil rights because of people like Al Sharpton. They are being treated better than American citizens with our tax money.

I’m just tired. I lost my job. I was told I did not speak Spanish and I was terminated from my job. Even now it’s difficult to get a job. They told me I was fired for not being able to speak Spanish. I applied to McDonald’s and they told me that they don’t hire blacks–and it was a black owner. I filed with EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). I have my documentation. I was denied a job….But they didn’t do anything. They are putting illegal immigrants before blacks. I applied for three jobs with the County of L.A. and they didn’t give me a job, and when I filed a complaint they called me a racist. I ended up homeless.

We have a rule of law. Why can’t they obey the law? Little do they know they are making us [Americans] closer. We are standing as Americans, as all races and colors. They want to throw out the race card. We are tired of being abused, and it’s got to stop.

Our politicians are giving them the power in the fight against us–the people using our tax money, writing these laws and using them against us….

Yes, black lives matter, but if we had jobs we wouldn’t be put in these situations to be attacked. A lot of parental rights have been restricted and are being taken away. There’s a lot in the black neighborhood that needs to be worked on. We need to get our house in order first and we need to get jobs back to get back on track.

We have no recourse. We are not being represented. Now we’re in the shadows, we are being buried in the shadows.

It’s undeniable that there are problems in the black community that must be addressed by society as a whole. However, how can we do that when we are welcoming illegals to flagrantly break the law?

Temple’s rant is exactly what needs to be shared cross the web.

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Greg Campbell
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