MUST WATCH: Ted Cruz Reveals What the Washington Cartel Really Wants in a Candidate

In a wide-ranging interview with FOX New’s Sean Hannity on Tuesday night, Texas Senator Ted Cruz , a constitutional conservative, fresh off a win in which he received more votes than any prior GOP candidate in history in the Iowa Caucus, continued his fight against what he refers to as the “Washington Cartel,” and revealed what kind of candidate the cronyists in both parties favor.

After Sean Hannity properly noted that Monday night was a big loss for the GOP establishment, Ted Cruz agreed, calling his win a huge victory for the grassroots.

“I think there’s no doubt about it. I think what we saw yesterday was the incredible power of the grassroots,” Cruz contended. “That people are hungry for change — they’re hungry for someone who will stand up to Washington — hungry for someone who will take on the Washington Cartel — take on not just the Democrats, but leaders in our own party,” Cruz asserted.

Cruz told Hannity’s audience that it took both parties to bring America to its gargantuan $19 trillion debt, an inconvenient truth that Republican Party leadership would love to ignore.

He continued to lambast GOP leadership for not honoring their commitments and not standing up to Obama to stop Obamacare, amnesty, to defend religious liberty and the Second Amendment — the right to bear arms.

Ted Cruz, the first Hispanic to ever win an Iowa Caucus, defeated Donald Trump in the Iowa Caucus even though the 13 polls leading up to the vote all showed Trump winning, with Cruz finishing in second place.

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Cruz explained that he is in for the long haul, citing that his campaign’s cash on hand, raked in from over 800,000 contributors with an average donation of $67, is as much as several different GOP establishment candidates combined, which makes him much better positioned that prior Iowa winners like Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Santorum in 2012.

Ted Cruz, whose well-organized conservative grassroots army of 12,000 volunteers are credited with causing his massive outperformance on Monday, said that he has a whopping 200,000 volunteers across the nation.

When asked by Sean Hannity why the GOP establishment seems to be coalescing behind “Gang of Eight” leader Marco Rubio , a leader in the 2013 push to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, Cruz said that the GOP establishment wants a pro-amnesty candidate.

The GOP establishment originally supported establishment RINO squish Jeb Bush, then John Kasich, then Chris Christie. All are weak on immigration and have performed miserably. It now appears that the GOP establishment — including the RINO-friendly FOX News (with perhaps the exception of conservative Hannity) — is clearly pulling for Marco Rubio, who although finishing in third place, as predicted, was touted by the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly as the big winner in the Iowa Caucus.

Cruz said that the media is going to push their favorite candidate and that the Washington Cartel definitely has their favorite candidates, and if you want to see who will stand up to them, look at who they’re attacking.

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Hilariously, Cruz then delivered an uppercut to the Democrat Party presidential candidates, scandal-plagued liar Hillary Clinton and anti-freedom socialist Bernie Sanders.

“The Democratic Party is tired and old and out of ideas. Watching their primary is like watching the sitcom That 70’s Show.”

Cruz said that in order to win in 2016, Republicans have to energize the millions of conservatives that previously stayed home in prior elections, including the 54 million of evangelicals who didn’t go to the polls in 2012 when RINO Mitt Romney was the GOP candidate and lost the election to Marxist Barack Obama, the worst president in American history.

After telling Hannity that he was going after blue collar voters like Reagan Democrats, the union members who are truck drivers, mechanics and auto workers, who he calls the “core” of his base voters, Cruz revealed what the Washington Cartel are pushing for in terms of a presidential candidate:

“Here’s one of the areas where the Washington Cartel gets it totally wrong. If we were to nominate a candidate who supports amnesty — whose views on amnesty are the same as Hillary Clinton’s — that we should grant citizenship to 12 million people here illegally — the result of that would be the Reagan Democrats would stay home. 

Because amnesty is a 70-80% issue with them. They’re losing their jobs to people who are here illegally. They are seeing their wages driven down. 

And yet, Washington desperately wants to say, ‘Wall Street and the lobbyists want amnesty so that’s the right position.’

That’s how we lose.” 

The corrupt establishment in both parties, bought and paid for by special interests, all want open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Democrats want to have another voting block they can pander to with government dependency and RINO’s want the cheap labor costs that their crony capitalist masters in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce desire.


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