VIDEO: Name-Calling is a Form of Rape, According to this Social Justice Warrior Nutjob

Those who believe that a “war on women” exists should really take aim at those who seek to delegitimize the abuses of women.

In our culture, everything is a slight to women. Pay a female employee less than a man who has been there longer? It must be because of sexism. Compliment a woman’s looks? You’re a sexist pig. Make a derogatory comment about another woman’s looks? You’re a sexist pig. Acknowledge the differences between men and woman? You’re a knuckle-dragger. Don’t acknowledge such difference? You’re a chauvinist.

Granted, it’s a simplistic analysis, but you get my point. Everything is scrutinized for even the slightest hint of sexism, but these same feminist warriors are some of the biggest abusers of feminism around as they continually augment what it means to be “raped.”

Some issues are quite clear: a man jumping out of the bushes with a knife to rape a woman is quite clearly rape. But what about name-calling? Is that rape?

Of course not.

However, according to a leftist social justice warrior, she has been “raped” many times- but by that, she means someone has called her a name, someone called someone else a name or, yes, she even believes that she was “raped” by being born.

The below video was created by Pooja Relan, a social justice crusader who has earned praise from the left for her brave redefining of what it means to be raped.

Some highlights:

Yes, I’ve been getting raped. I don’t even remember since when. Maybe it started when I came out of my mother’s womb.
I got raped when my father hit my mom.

I got raped when my mother called someone else’s daughter a slut.

I got raped when my brother teased someone else’s sister.

I get raped everyday, several times by thoughts, by words, by looks.

Now, imagine for a moment that you are a woman who has endured a brutal, hellish experience. You’re a woman who, while walking to your car, was jumped by a man with a knife. He threatens to kill you and proceeds to rape you. He degrades, he insults and it’s truly horrific.

Now imagine this little snotnose crusader piggybacking on that ordeal as you try to piece your life back-together. “See? I was ‘raped,’ too, when my brother teased the neighbor girl!”

In a very real way, this degradation, this assault begins anew with others adulterating your experiences as you process your horrific and contemptible experience.

Not only does this woman not make any coherent argument of any kind, she is damaging the very cause she purports to defend. She is polluting the definition of rape and when such pollution occurs, those who are told of rape are forced to wonder, “Are we talking ‘real rape,’ or like name-calling?”

Comedian and conservative pundit Steven Crowder said it best when he wrote,

See this is the ultimate problems with SJW, third-wave feminists is that they harm women. They harm women by being the little boy who cried “rape.” Rarely do they address the truly horrifying rape and abuse of women at the hands of Islamic nations because they’ve painted themselves into a corner. They can’t in good conscience pit one “protected minority class” (Islam) against another (women). When you see everything through the prism of gender or race as opposed to right and wrong, this is where you end up. You end up protesting the U.N. for “mean tweets” to Anita Sarkeesian, while ignoring the rapes of thousands of women at the hands of ISIS. You make videos claiming that name-calling is “rape” while ignoring the domestic abuse of millions of women legally ordained under Sharia law.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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