Leftist Loon Nancy Pelosi: Gov’t Invented the iPhone

Nancy Pelosi

No, she did not just say this. Oh yes, she did.

Much in the same way that climate huckster Al Gore famously declared years ago that he invented the Internet, progressive leftist loon Nancy Pelosi is claiming that government created smartphones like the iPhone, not Steve Jobs or Apple.

Wishing to paint the great progressive god of big government as the savior and provider of all things good, Pelosi has the outright gall to make the outlandish claim that not only has government invented the iPhone, but literally “almost everything.”

“Anybody here have a smartphone?” Pelosi, the Democrat House Minority Leader asked an audience at a Democrat National Convention Platform hearing in Washington, D.C.

Pelosi then held up an iPhone for everyone to see, telling those in the room, “In this smartphone, almost everything came from federal investments in research.”


h/t: Washington Free Beacon

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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