National Second Amendment Organization Endorses Effort to Oust RINO John Boehner

If we are to have a Second Amendment to pass to our children, we cannot be contented with stalling of bad legislation. In recent years, gun control efforts have failed on a federal level and that is fantastic for all lovers of liberty.

However, the assault continues and standing still on this important issue is the same as losing. We are one tragedy away from having our Second Amendment rights once again subjected to the emotional whims of lawmakers who seek to exploit such tragedies. We must be moving forward and enhancing gun rights, not resting in between defenses.

The Gun Owners of America (GOA) understands this fact. The “no-compromise” civil rights organization has backed Republican Congressman Mark Meadows’ effort to oust Speaker of the House John Boehner from his cushy position.

Boehner has, amongst his many, many failings, remained soft on defenses of the Second Amendment and has offered refuge to unconstitutional legislation during his tenure.

The GOA announced their support for ousting Boehner, noting that in 2013, as Bloomberg and Obama sought to exploit national grief and ram-through unconstitutional gun control provisions,

“John Boehner could have nipped gun control in the bud by pronouncing that gun control would be ‘dead on arrival’ in the House.

Instead, he said that the ‘House will consider’ any gun control proposals sent over by the Senate.

Shortly after that, when anti-gun amnesty passed the Senate, Boehner said that he was ‘[expletive deleted] bent’ on passing amnesty — which would legalize millions of anti-gun voters who broke the law to get here.

The only reason this bill didn’t pass is that GOA worked with House members to kill the bill on procedural grounds.

Then there’s the failure to fight the anti-gun ObamaCare law. Sure, Boehner has scheduled dozens of useless votes. But he has persistently opposed fighting ObamaCare using the ‘power of the purse’ — the only strategy with any hope of curtailing the anti-gun program.”

The GOA is absolutely correct. It is not enough to stop the blatant full-frontal attacks on our Second Amendment; we must oust those who consistently refuse to stand for the principles of the conservative GOP base.

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The GOP is supposed to serve as the conservative party and Republicans hold healthy majorities in both houses of Congress. With Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on the sidelines, what has been different?

What have John Boehner or Mitch McConnell done to advance conservatism? If we’re being generous, the best we could say is that these two “leaders” have slowed the relentless march to the left minutely.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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