Neighbors Noticed San Bernardino Terrorists Acting Suspiciously; DIDN’T Call Police; Guess Why…

Political correctness is a plague upon our society. It is a self-induced sickness that seeks to suppress the quality of our thoughts. The left urges us to control our language so that, in time, we suppress our own thoughts and powers of observations. With enough time, these suppressions of thought and suppressions of language become suppressions of actions.

Soon, we live in a world where Christmas is a “holiday festival,” police are gunned-down out of fear of shooting a black criminal and being branded a vile racist and citizens ignore warning signs of terrorism out of fear that they will be found guilty of committing the greatest crime of modern civil society: *gasp* profiling!

“Profiling” is a loaded term that really just means utilizing the powers of observation. As we grow, we identify certain traits with certain backgrounds and ethnicities. Some are positive (many Asians are studious) and some are not (the Irish like to fight and drink – but not in that order). It doesn’t mean all are this way; it just means that there seems to be a bit of a pattern.

Because they refused to listen to their senses, neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists sat silent as Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik received suspicious packages and worked on pipe bombs in their garage.

The Daily Caller reports:

Neighbors of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook told ABC Wednesday that they noticed “suspicious activity” at Farook’s home recently, but did not report it for fear of being called racist. …

Additionally, Aaron Elswick — a neighbor of Farook’s mother in Redland — said that another neighbor told him “they had I guess been receiving packages — quite a few packages within a short amount of time, and they were actually doing a lot of work out in the garage.”

“She was kind of suspicious and wanted to report it,” Elswick explained, “but she said she didn’t want to profile.”

While in hindsight, it would be easy to be outraged that they sat silent, in reality, who could blame them? In this highly-politicized atmosphere, calling the police on your neighbors because of alleged profiling is just as likely to get you in the crosshairs of the radicalized Obama Department of Justice as it is to get the suspected terrorists in hot water.

In fact, take a look at Ahmed “the clock boy” Mohamed. He fabricated a hoax to incite textbook procedures to investigate his clock that looked like a bomb and now, not only has the family fully vilified those involved, they are seeking a whopping $15 million as a reward for orchestrating this hoax.

So, the operative message in America is this: “if you see something, say something… unless they’re Muslim… because if you guess wrong, you might be civilly liable.”

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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