Neil Cavuto Shreds Phony Elitist Pundits Trying to Give Trump Advice [VIDEO]

“The American voters have had their fill of it and you — the disgusting, the depressing, the dismissing, the despicable — what is the word? The deplorables.” 

During his closing Common Sense segment on Friday, Neil Cavuto excoriated political TV pundits and media “experts” for throwing around advice for President-Elect Donald Trump’s now forming administration when Trump defied all odds, making them far less intellectual than how they’ve painted themselves.

“You know, the very folks who didn’t think Donald Trump would ever become president are dishing out advice for what he should do as president?” Cavuto curiously asked, noting that whether it’s health care, so-called climate change, or taxes, Trump is getting deluged with advice from talking heads. “Nickel-and-dime-pundits offering nickel-and-dime advice for a guy who has always ignored it and is now President-elect of the United States because he got it — not them — everybody else.”

Cavuto said that Trump understood the “everybody else” stuck between the two coasts, stuck in the middle wondering what happened to their middle class.

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“Experts did not see them but Donald Trump did,” Cavuto continued. “The experts called him a joke and his supporters even worse. And now they’re offering him advice? To quote President Obama, ‘Come on, man!'” Cavuto said, mocking a line Obama used often on the campaign trail while ridiculing Trump during Hillary Clinton campaign rallies.

Cavuto expanded on the hypocrisy of these wannabe advisers by going through a laundry list of things Trump got right and the politicos got wrong, like going after traditionally democrat-tilting states that hadn’t voted for a Republican president since the 1980’s and appealing to much more than just “angry white voters.”

Further, pundits predicted Trump would not win the Catholic vote and do worse among minorities than any Republican presidential candidate since Reagan, both turned out not to be the case, Cavuto pointed out, while noting that the criticisms about his campaign having “no ground game” or didn’t run enough ads, again turned out to be flawed thinking by media pundits.

“The same pundits who said he was too crass, forgetting that maybe voters thought his opponent was too crooked. It is one thing to keep missing it. It is quite another to learn nothing from the experience and just keep stepping in it.”

Cavuto then transitioned to give the media a brutal verbal beatdown and urged them to “stop pretending to be the experts you are not,” turning up the heat and calling them out as “phonies” for offering “self-serving” advice to Trump who doesn’t need it.

“The American voters have had their fill of it and you — the disgusting, the depressing, the dismissing, the despicable — what is the word? The deplorables.” 

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