Neil deGrasse Tyson’s View on the World Will Leave You Questioning his Sanity

On April 7th, 2016, a bunch of really super-duper smart scientists, including high profile physicists and the current world master champion smartest guy in the world Neil deGrasse Tyson, got together to introduce the hypothesis that we are all just part of a super-intelligent being’s computer program or game.

Yes. This happened. I am just praying that the taxpayer dollars of us of lower intelligence were not used in this exercise of obviously superior think-tanking.

Universally renowned smart dude Tyson put the odds at 50-50 that our entire existence is a program on someone else’s hard drive. He stated: “I think the likelihood may be very high.”

Let that sink in for a while.

Now try and take his brilliant posit and contrast it with his history of scolding creationists who think an omnipresent God created our glorious Earth.

Tyson’s contemptuous statements on creationists and Christian’s faith are legendary. In his famous tour around the nation, he loves to pepper his presentation with insults to anyone who thinks that this world was created by a Deity.

Ask any of the big brains in that room while they were contemplating that we’re all just a bunch of low-level Neos in some cosmic being’s computer game in the basement of the universe what they think of Christians who believe in Jesus as God come to Earth in human form and wait for the rolling of eyes, cackles and smears.

So don’t forget, we folks who believe in God and Creation are troglodyte dolts who deserve to be shamed and mocked, but it’s totally wicked smart to accept we’re all a bunch of Mario’s in a super-being cosmic teenager’s Donkey Kong.

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Alex David
Alex David
Alex David attended City University of New York (Brooklyn College) with a major in Business Administration & Finance and entered Wall Street with a three year stay at Drexel Burnham Lambert as an assistant to top brokers and entered their executive training program. After three years on Wall Street he entered the Auto Industry as a Sales and then Finance Executive representing brands such as BMW & Lexus. He then moved from New York City to sunny Arizona continuing his auto industry career and later segued into the Equipment Leasing and Financing industry for 3 years before eventually moving to (not so sunny) Seattle, Washington continuing in that industry and eventually joining a multi-national New Media company as an Sales & Marketing Director in 2009. Alex is a Kiwanis Club member, volunteer, 12th man fan for the Seattle Seahawks and sporadic angler. He currently resides in Anacortes, Washington with his lovely girlfriend, his son and their Great Pyrenees, Layla.

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