New Arizona Poll Shows MASSIVE Amount of Undecideds With Time Running Out

A very significant 58, winner-take-all delegates are at stake in the Arizona GOP presidential primary on Tuesday, March 22, and while there has been very little polling in the state, the most recent polling shows a stunningly high percentage of undecided voters.

The poll, conducted by Phoenix-based Westgroup Research, before Marco Rubio exited the race following his poor showing in his home state of Florida on March 15, shows that 30 percent of Republican voters are still undecided, a shocking number considering the number of debates that have been held, as well as the literal wall-to-wall coverage (especially of Donald Trump) provided by the media.

The poll, conducted March 7-11, again with Marco Rubio still in the race, gave Rubio 10 percent of the vote. Among those remaining in the race.

Donald Trump 31
Ted Cruz 19
John Kasich 10

The Real Clear Politics average of three polls, all conducted before the exit of Rubio which includes the above poll, shows similar numbers, with Trump having an average lead of 13 percent.

While Donald Trump, a bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor, seems to have a healthy lead over constitutional conservative Ted Cruz , assuming that the overwhelming majority of “Little Marco” voters swing towards Cruz (as all evidence shows it will) and if Cruz pulls in a few more undecided voters than Trump, the race could be much closer than polling indicates.

On Tuesday, Ted Cruz received the endorsement of Arizona Congressman David Schweikert to complement his earlier endorsement by Paul Gosar . Donald Trump is endorsed by former Republican governor Jan Brewer as well as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Ted Cruz released a touching and moving new TV ad in Arizona this week featuring the father of young Grant Ronnebeck, who was murdered by an illegal alien last year at an Arizona convenience store. The illegal alien had been released from jail but not deported.

Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have promised to secure the border and build a “wall” along the Mexican border and deport illegal aliens.

The primary difference between the two plans is that Trump’s “touchback amnesty” plan would allow the lawbreakers to re-enter the U.S., while Cruz’s plan would exclude them from entering America again.

The nation’s largest immigration-reduction group,  NumbersUSAwhich boasts a participation of four million Americans gives Ted Cruz an  A+ score, and a 95% grade. Donald Trump receives an A- score, while RINO John Kasich garnered a pitiful “D,” barely above Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who received a D- and F-, respectively.

Ted Cruz will be holding a rally Friday night at Arizona Christian University in Phoenix, at 6:15 PM, flanked by Sen. Mike Lee , Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry and Glenn Beck, who have all endorsed the Texas Senator’s presidential bid.


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Matthew K. Burke
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