New Honor Bestowed on Deputy Darren Goforth May Enrage #BlackLivesMatter Anarchists

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Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth was assassinated on August 28 while fueling his patrol car in full uniform. His suspected killer, Shannon J. Miles, has been charged with capital murder. Authorities believe that Goforth was targeted simply because he wore a badge.

Goforth’s murder happened as the #BlackLivesMatter anarchist movement, which has been classified by some as a hate group, have openly and vocally called for the murder of police officers while marching in several different cities. The group has been caught on camera chanting statements such as “Pigs in a blanket! Fry ’em like bacon!” They have also chanted “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” The one thing they do not want is for a community to rally behind police and honor them as the every day heroes that they are. Given that, they will be livid at what is happening in Harris County, Texas.

On Tuesday, Harris County Commissioners voted to rename Horsepen Creek Park to Deputy Darren Goforth Park. The park is located less than two miles from the Chevron station in Northwest Houston where Goforth was assassinated.

When a coward shot Goforth from behind as he was fueling his patrol car, he did not just take away the life of a man. He took from two children, a five-year old boy and 12-year old girl, their father and left Kathleen Goforth a widow.

KPRC anchor Bill Balleza said as he introduced the segment, “This is very special for the family and for the community.”

Sarah Donchey reported that this is but the latest of many honors bestowed upon Goforth and is meant to honor not only Goforth himself, but the fact that he was a family man who loved his children. His wife believes this is a fitting tribute.

The park consists of 180 acres and includes a lake, grassy knolls, playgrounds, hiking, and a dog park. Not only is it located two miles from where Goforth was murdered in an act of sheer evil and barbarism, it is also in the very area that Goforth worked to keep safe.

The signs at Horsepen Creek Park were changed to brand new signs renaming it Deputy Darren Goforth Park within minutes of the vote. An official ceremony will be held as soon as the family is ready.

Harris County Precinct 3 Commission Steve Radack said that he spoke with Kathleen Goforth about the renaming and she was very happy with the idea. Radack stated, “After I talked to Mrs. Goforth and talked to her about the idea [of renaming the park to honor her husband] she liked the idea. Her husband was all about family and children. She was very much appreciative and very grateful.”

The outpouring of support from the Houston community for the Goforth family has been overwhelming. People of various different ethnicities have banded together to show their support not only for Goforth, but for all police officers. In addition, nearly half a million dollars has been raised online and by volunteers at a makeshift memorial set up at the site where Goforth was murdered to assist his family.

The renaming of Horsepen Creek Park to the Deputy Darren Goforth Park will make sure that the memory of Goforth lives on and also serves as a reminder of the dangers that police officers face, especially in society today.

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Police officers leave their homes every day not knowing if they will return or if they will lose their lives on the job. Goforth, who was a 10 year veteran of the sheriff’s department, most certainly did not think that any harm would come to him as he was simply pumping gas. But, a barbaric coward ambushed him from behind and shot him in the head. After Goforth fell, the animal stood over him and continued to shoot, firing a total of 15 rounds into Goforth’s back and head.

His heinous murder rocked the city, but instead of riots the world witnessed a community come together to express love and support as well as gratitude for Goforth and those just like him who risk their lives every day in service to their community.

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