New Poll Reveals Who Voters Think Will Likely Win the Presidential Race

Although both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have sky high negatives regarding how they are viewed by the American people, one of them is likely to end up the next President of the United States. America has the unfortunate choice of a woman who is seen as a corrupt serial liar, and one of her biggest donors through the years who is seen as a con man.

A new CNN/ORC poll is out that reveals which of these two pathetic beings voters believe will be the next president. Let’s just say the results may send Donald Trump on a Twitter rampage.

Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump in the poll, 47% to 42%. Beyond those numbers, more voters believe that Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife, Hillary Clinton, will be the next president. Of those polled, 55% believe that Clinton will prevail in the general election whereas only 38% think Trump will win.

Clinton and Trump each have their areas where voters view them favorably on issues and Clinton topping Trump on trade in the eyes of voters does not bode well for the Trump campaign since that is one issue Trump pushes as being best handled by him, a businessman.

Clinton holds an edge over Trump on handling several issues, including foreign policy, immigration, trade with other countries, nominating justices to the Supreme Court, and issues relating to the rights of women and of gays and lesbians. She’s also seen as better able to handle the responsibilities of commander-in-chief and to exercise good judgment in a crisis.

But Trump holds the edge on two issues that frequently top voters’ priority lists: The economy and terrorism (Trump leads by a narrow three points on terrorism). He also tops Clinton on handling gun policy, and is narrowly seen as a stronger leader.

Over the last 24 hours, the Trump campaign has had major shakeups due to internal turmoil. After standing by the side of his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, even after he was charged with simple battery for grabbing and pulling the arm of reporter Michelle Fields, Trump unexpectedly fired him Monday morning.

Sources say that the dismissal of Lewandowski from the campaign was in large part due to an ultimatum by Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, to either get rid of Lewandowski, who many viewed as toxic, or she would no longer participate in the campaign.

Hours after Lewandowski was fired, Trump Senior Adviser Michael Caputo resigned from his position following criticism of a tweet he sent out after news of Lewandowski’s firing was out. The tweet included a video from “The Wizard of Oz” with the feet of the Wicked Witch of the East shown with the witch under the house. Playing in the video was the song, “Ding Dong the witch is dead.”

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Jennifer Burke
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