New Poll Spells Bad News for Obama on Syrian Refugee Crisis

What’s happening in Syria is awful. What’s happening throughout the Middle East is awful. As a nation, our thoughts and prayers should be with those who are fleeing violence in their defunct, war-torn countries.

However, when there’s an outbreak, we quarantine; we do not seek to import problems.

That is precisely why the majority of Americans do not want Syrian refugees flooding through Europe and ultimately flooding-into the U.S.

Still, the Obama Administration continues to crusade heedlessly to accept even more Syrian refugees into the U.S. Initially, the Obama Administration pledged to accept 1,500, but soon upped the amount to accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees while Hillary Clinton claims that she would like to see 75,000 or more accepted.

According to a new Rasmussen Poll, however, a whopping 49% of likely voters polled do not want any refugees from Syria or from the Middle East.

An additional 20% say that they would allow the refugees entrance, but cap it at the 10,000.

22% claim they want to see even more refugees imported and 7% would like to see more than 100,000.

Rasmussen explains,

These sentiments can partly be attributed to the 72% of voters who are concerned that giving thousands of Syrians asylum poses a national security risk to the United States, with 47% who are Very Concerned. Twenty-seven percent (27%) don’t share this concern, but that includes just 10% who are Not At All Concerned.

It’s not a hypothetical exercise to assert that the more refugees we accept from the Middle East, the more likely it is that our kindness will be repaid by a terrorist attack.

Whether the Obama Administration wants to admit it or not, the West is at war with radical Islam. That many liberals do not feel this way is of consequence to the jihadists who swear it is their duty to Allah to murder innocent Americans.

While many Muslim refugees are simply fleeing the violence of the Middle East, our nation’s priority must be for our safety first and foremost. As it remains too-easy to obtain forged Syrian documents, it is impossible to know who we are welcoming into our homeland and accepting thousands of refugees only places Americans in greater danger.

If only our president were half as concerned about the safety of Americans as he is with the safety of Muslims fleeing the region destabilized by his foreign policy decisions…

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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