New Trump Ad SLAMS Corrupt Hillary and her Lies About Benghazi

Since becoming the presumptive GOP nominee for president, Donald Trump said he would go hard after his friend Hillary Clinton, who he now calls corrupt. As the presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary has a lot of things working against her and one of the major things is her poor handling of Benghazi, both before and after.

Not only did Hillary deny extra security requests, or didn’t even acknowledge them, she lied and called the terrorist attack a “protest” in response to an obscure YouTube video. While testifying before Congress about the death of four Americans at Benghazi, Hillary Clinton famously yelled, “What difference does it make?

Trump is now pushing the narrative that it does make a difference, despite nearly three years ago praising her for doing a great job as Secretary of State.

Though his new ad, posted on numerous social media channels, is powerful and spot on, Trump has to be ready to answer for his former praise of his friend Hillary, stating more than once that he liked her and her husband [serial philanderer Bill Clinton] very much. He must also be prepared to explain how he had high praise for Hillary’s performance as Secretary of State 11 months after the terrorist attack at Benghazi.

Granted, he is correct in saying that Benghazi didn’t resonate as much as it should have but the words of praise from him to “corrupt Hillary” will have many people crying “major flip flop.”

h/t Independent Journal

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