NEW VIDEO: Brawl In Arizona Parking Lot Shows the Unexpected Dangers Police Face Daily

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Police dash cam video of a brawl, turned deadly, that broke out in a Walmart parking lot in Cottonwood, Arizona has been released. The altercation took place on March 21 and resulted in the shooting death of one person and the injury of two others, including a police officer. At the center of the brawl was the Gaver family, a supposed Christian family band who goes by the name Matthew 24 Now.[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”5517620b381df”][vc_column_text]Officers were responding to a call after a Walmart employee reported that she was assaulted inside the store while she was trying to go to the bathroom.

After the police arrived on the scene, the told the family that they “needed to separate these folks and talk to them.” You can hear a member of the Gaver family say, “No, you are not going to separate me from my parents.” You can also clearly hear someone say, “Don’t touch me.”

The Arizona Republic reports that “the first officer who arrived on the scene was immediately attacked and disarmed by one of the Gavers.”

A second officer who arrived on the scene reported hearing the first officer say, “they got my gun,” as he confronted five members of the family in the parking lot, according to the court document. He also heard someone say, “stop or get shot,” it said.


The document said David Gaver approached, was shot and fell to the ground. Cottonwood Sgt. Jeremy Daniels, a 10-year veteran, was shot in the leg, but he was released on Monday from Flagstaff Medical Center, according to Sgt. Tod Moore, a Cottonwood police spokesman.


Another member of the Gaver family was shot in the head during the melee and died from his injuries, according to the court document.

The Gaver family advertised their band on a site called Gigmasters. In their description, it said they would perform for $250 to $350 within a 10 mile radius of Boise. It is not known what brought the family to Cottonwood, which is located 912 miles from Boise. Nathan Gaver, 27, would only say that they left Boise due to ‘circumstances,’ but would not elaborate as to specifics.

During the melee, the family appeared several times to heed the officers order to get down and were thought to be surrendering. However, they would immediately begin fighting once again. Officers attempted to use tasers and pepper spray, but the family continued to fight. It was only when backup officers arrived at the scene that the situation was brought under control and arrests were made.

Two juvenile members of the Gaver family are currently in custody with the Prescott Juvenile Detention Center. Five members of the family are facing numerous charges.

The defendants are: Jeremiah Gaver, 28, accused of assault of a law-enforcement officer; Nathaniel Gaver, 27, accused of assault of a law-enforcement officer; Peter Gaver, 55, accused of hindering prosecution and resisting arrest; Ruth Gaver, 52, accused of assault of a law-enforcement officer; and David Gaver, who remains hospitalized.

WARNING: Video contains acts of violence that may be unsuitable for some.


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