New York Daily News Proves Ted Cruz’s Point with this Vulgar Front Page

Texas Senator, constitutional conservative and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz has received a lot of flack for saying something about Donald Trump that Trump himself said back in 1999. Cruz said that Donald Trump embodies New York values. Trump himself said nearly exactly the same thing during an interview with Tim Russert on Meet the Press.

During that interview, Trump said, “I’ve lived in New York and Manhattan my whole life. My views are a little bit different than if I had lived in Iowa.” Yet now, Trump wants to accuse Cruz of being very insulting for simply paraphrasing what Trump said about himself.

For those who do not believe that Trump uttered those words, here it is on video courtesy of the Jeb Bush campaign. It was the first clip in a Trump attack ad put out by the Bush campaign in September 2015.

Cruz has been pressed to explain what he means by New York values. Trump even took a moment during the debate invoking 9/11 and how New Yorkers came together in that moment. Essentially, he used 9/11 to slam Cruz insinuating that his comment was an attack on all first responders and victims of that terrorist attack by Muslim terrorists.

Of course, that’s all anyone can talk about. Few are mentioning what Cruz said at the debate as he explained what he meant by #NewYorkValues. Cruz explained that, overall, New York City is “socially liberal, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and focus around money and the media.” For goodness sakes, they elected a communist as their mayor!

He was not denigrating every single person in New York. Again, he was quoting Donald Trump. But, that explanation or reality hasn’t stopped the attacks on Cruz since both elites on the left and the right, accompanied by the mainstream media, want to take him down.

The New York Daily News not only proved that they, just like the New York Times, want to take down Ted Cruz, they proved his point with this vulgar front page in which they not only depicted the Statue of Liberty flipping Cruz off, they also called for Cruz’s death.

Keep it classy, New York Daily News, and thanks for proving Cruz’s point. Some on Twitter pointed out their inadvertent admission.


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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