New York Newspaper Makes Surprising Endorsement in GOP Primary

With the New York Primary looming, to be held on November 19, Republican candidates are actively campaigning in the Empire State attempting to garner not only votes but delegates. Constitutional conservative Ted Cruz , Senator from Texas, has come under fire in the days leading up to the primary for comments made prior to the Iowa Caucus.

At the time, Cruz spoke about bloviating billionaire Donald Trump and his “New York values” being different than the values of people in Iowa. Nevermind that Cruz was simply repeating something that Trump himself said previously as he was explaining why he supports things like homosexual marriage and partial birth abortion. The words uttered by Cruz were used to attack him, disparage his name, and dredge of hatred on the part of ALL New York state residents for the constitutional presidential candidate.

But now, one newspaper is doing something that will likely come as a surprise to everyone in New York and across the country. The New York Sun has endorsed Ted Cruz for President.

The New York Sun is a conservative newspaper headquartered in New York City. Though they don’t typically endorse in primaries, they felt that this year was different especially with the likelihood of a contested GOP convention.

The Sun identified Cruz’s commitment to limited, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a strong foreign policy as true New York Values.

The first thing we are looking for, in any event, is a candidate who grasps, is committed to, and is excited by America’s constitutional principles. The Constitution ought to be a unifying instrument; it is, after all, the only thing that all of our legislators, officers, and judges — from the President to the county sheriffs — must be bound by oath to support. Our ideal candidate is someone who thinks in constitutional terms and who references and reveres the principles in our national parchment.

On this head, Senator Cruz laps the field. He has done a better job than any other Republican at building a constitutional approach. He has also done a better job on the economy, though we wish that all candidates in both parties would grasp that the bitterness over illegal immigration into America can be permanently addressed only by economic growth. It is not the abundance of labor that has stunted our progress but rather the dead hand of government upon our economy.

Mr. Cruz has put forth a more principled approach to taxes than another fine senator, Marco Rubio. Mr. Cruz’s flat tax is more strategic, more equitable, more pro-growth. Both Mr. Cruz and Mr. Trump would seek the cuts in corporate taxes that have exiled to foreign countries trillions of dollars in corporate reserves. But Mr. Cruz has been far ahead of any other candidate in marking what for us is an essential element restoring American growth and employment — monetary reform.

Read the entire editorial endorsement of Ted Cruz by the New York Sun HERE.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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