Newt Gingrich: ‘I Don’t Have Anger Management Issues’

After acting like a jackass on The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly on FOX News Tuesday night, formerly respected former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, a sycophantic defender of Donald Trump, took to Twitter to argue that he does not, although viewers of  last night’s interview might strongly disagree, have “anger management issues.”

Instead, Gingrich said that he had “media bias issues” inferring that Kelly was somehow biased and that caused his emotional meltdown.

The thrice-married Gingrich angrily accused Megyn Kelly of being “fascinated with sex” during last night’s interview and said the he is “sick of people” like her because Kelly had brought up  the video from 2005, released on October 8, in which Donald Trump is shown bragging about being able to sexually assault women, grabbing them “by the pussy” and get away with it because of his celebrity status, power and wealth.

After Trump attempted to deflect the video as simply being “locker room talk,” as if all men privately brag about assaulting women, several women came forward to accuse the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor of acting in a matter he himself described in the video.

Even though the interview is highly unlikely to attract any new voters for him (although it may do wonders toward building an audience for the rumored to be forthcoming “TrumpTV), Trump praised Gingrich’s antics against Megyn Kelly:

For his part, Trump threatened to sue all of the women, calling them all liars during his recent Gettysburg policy address. However, some have threatened to countersue and many believe Trump’s threat to be a bluff and an intimidation tactic since he would be under full discovery in court, meaning that even more of his dirty laundry could be aired, further damaging his brand and reputation.

One of those threatening to countersue Trump was Jill Harth, who settled a 1997 sexual harassment lawsuit against Trump.

If you happened to miss Gingrich’s temper tantrum, you can watch it below:

Newt Gingrich was also visibly upset over the release of a FOX News electoral map in which Donald Trump loses in a landslide to Hillary Clinton.

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Matthew K. Burke
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