The NFL Feels the Heat Where It Hurts Amidst Players’ Anti-America Protests

I’ve been a football fan my entire life. After all, I am from Texas where football is king. There’s the Friday Night Lights of high school football followed by Saturdays filled with college football all leading up to the culmination of NFL games on Sunday. When my best friend would call me on a Sunday afternoon and ask what I was doing, I’d reply, “It’s Sunday. What do you think?” She’d laugh forgetting that being a football fan was ingrained in me.

As a child, my family and I would gather around the television to watch our beloved Houston Oilers. (I know. I’m dating myself.) My brothers played football in high school and I’d do the announcements during the game when I wasn’t on the field as a member of the drill team. When I went on to college, I attended Texas A&M University. WHOOP! Football was at the core of the Aggie spirit and culture, and I loved every single moment of it.

There are few times that I have missed watching an NFL game…that is, until now. What should worry the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell is that I am not alone.

A recent poll by Rasmussen reveals that 32% of those surveyed said they are less likely to watch football now because of the NFL protests against America during the National Anthem. Compare that to the 13% who said they are more likely to watch the NFL now because of the anti-America protests of some of the players and that should serve as a wake-up call for the league.

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In addition, the Wall Street Journal reports that actual viewership of NFL games is down 10%, which is causing great concern for advertisers who pay top dollar to advertise during football games. While many people DVR TV shows to skip through commercials and watch Netflix and Hulu commercial-free, NFL games are more likely to be watched live which translates to the ability to reach consumers via big advertising dollars. When viewership drops, advertisers take notice.

So far this season, viewership on those networks is down about 10% from last season, according to Nielsen, with steeper declines for prime-time games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. The drop has caught advertisers and rights holders off guard and left them scrambling to find a cause.

While this clown show of a presidential election may be a contributing factor, the fact that 32% in the Rasmussen poll stated that they are less likely to watch a game due to the anti-America protests no doubt is a contributing factor.

As more and more players began their anti-America protests against the American flag during the National Anthem, I didn’t get sad. I got freaking angry.

While I love the excitement of the game, though commissioner Roger Goodell is fast turning it into the, as my son calls it, “No Fun League,” let’s face it. Football players are paid a ton of money to throw, catch, and kick a ball and tackle each other. Many of these men make millions doing just that. Even the league minimum salary is far more than many fans make in a year. That’s why it’s maddening to watch any football player participate in these NFL protests against the National Anthem with a cry of “oppression.”

Those black football players who claim that America has never been good for black people, led by biracial Colin Kaepernick, need to take note at the hypocrisy of their actions.

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There they are, at the top of their field due to their hard work, training, and tenacity making millions and they have the nerve to claim that America has never been good for black people. They contend that “institutional and systemic racism” have held black people back from achievement all while America has “the first black president,” as we have been told over and over, and black attorney general, two in a row, and they’re getting into their expensive cars, wearing expensive clothing and jewelry then driving to their expensive homes often in gated communities.

Yeah, some oppression.

Will the NFL risk continuing to alienate their fan base by contributing to the wedge of racial divide that is being driven by the reincarnation of overt Marxism in this country, Black Lives Matter?

I no longer watch NFL analysis. I don’t tune into any pregame show, switch the channel during halftime, and no longer watch shows like Pardon the Interruption. Why not? Because football is my escape and I don’t want to be lectured to about how America is against black people and be fed the lie that police are hunting down black men for target practice.

Thank God my parents didn’t raise me to view myself as a victim. No matter what life has thrown my way, I have always been a proud American and thankful to be raised in the most incredible country to ever exist here on God’s green earth. Oh, and in case you don’t bother to check out my author profile, I am a black woman and I do not support the dangerous Marxist Black Lives Matter movement or these anti-America NFL Protests.

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While I am a huge NFL fan, I am very close to saying goodbye to the league which will mean no more NFL Sunday Ticket dollars from my family for the league and no more fantasy football.

Wake up, NFL. In an effort to be politically correct, you’re going to destroy your brand and lose your fan base.


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Jennifer Burke
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