NFL Legend has a Message for the Black Community; Get Ready for the Left to Call Him a Sell-Out

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Jim Brown is widely considered to be the greatest running back in NFL history. Brown played fullback for the Cleveland Browns for nine years, between 1957 to 1965, and held numerous records during his career. Sporting News voted Brown the greatest professional football player to ever play the game. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1971.

Following the grand jury decision to not charge either officer in the death of Tamir Brown, who was shot in Cleveland last year, black activists on Twitter started a #NoJusticeNoLebron campaign in an attempt to get Lebron James, star forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, to stage a sit-in and refuse to play basketball until the Department of Justice “arrests the murderers of Tamir Rice.”

During an interview with ESPN’s Jason Whitlock on “The Herd,” Brown was asked to weigh in on the decision of the grand jury to not indict the officers in Rice’s death as well as violence in the black community.

His response is sure to draw the ire, insults, and degradation from the left who expect all blacks to march in lockstep support of #BlackLivesMatter and take the same bigoted view that white police officers intentionally target black people, men in particular, to use as target practice and murder as well as their typical refusal to discuss out of control black on black violence.

I could talk for 10 hours on police brutality through the years historically against African-American people, but then there are other people that have had problems with the police. The problem that I’m looking at, Jason, is young, black men terrorizing their own community. My thought of all of this, how it should be cleared up is to have the community take pride in itself, clean it up, be the cleanest community in the world. Fathers do the right things with their kids and their wives, and I think we’ll see a tremendous change.

The stark realities that Brown discussed are ones that are far too often swept under the rug or, even worse, explained away by those race baiters on the left as a result of what they deem to be ‘systemic racism.’

Jim Brown’s message is definitely not one that the left and #BlackLivesMatter want to hear, but it is one that everyone needs to not only hear, but also heed.

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