NFL Legend Ray Lewis RIPS #BlackLivesMatter, and It’s EPIC! [VIDEO]

NFL legend, former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis

NFL legend Ray Lewis, who played linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens for 17 years and is now an ESPN football analyst, has had enough.

He absolutely rips the hypocritical #BlackLivesMatter movement for rising up when a white police officer happens to shoot a black person, no matter the circumstance, but remaining silent as blacks kill other blacks every single day in cities across America. (video below)

Lewis shares startling statistics of shootings that have happened in cities like Chicago, which has had 677 shootings so far this year, even though we are only slightly over three months into to year. This is 318 more shootings than the city had all of last year, and we still have approximately eight and three-quarters months to go.

Some may think that Lewis’s epic rant was one to push gun control, but it wasn’t. Instead, Lewis made the case over and over again that we must begin to respect life and blacks need to stop killing one another.

These deaths are not just gang killings, they are far too frequently innocent people, young children, and even families, who are killed in senseless crimes, with stray bullets, or in drive-bys targeting the wrong house.

Other topics addressed by Lewis include culture rot, including music that degrades women, R-rated movies which show things kids shouldn’t see, and social media which he says far too often devolves into the devil’s playground.

Is Ray Lewis a perfect person? No, he’s not. No one is. I’m an avid football fan, so I am well aware of the stabbing of two men by associates of Lewis back in 2000 but that doesn’t negate the truth and power behind his message.

People change and Lewis is now a staunch Christian who isn’t afraid to share his faith. If only more prominent people such as Ray Lewis would speak out in such a manner, perhaps we could make greater strides in turning around our culture rot and improving the future of our youth and future generations.

WATCH the powerful message by Ray Lewis. Trust me, it is worth every single minute.

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Posted by Ray Lewis on Saturday, April 2, 2016

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