NFL Super Star J.J. Watt Schools Hater Who Ridicules his Work Ethic

Houston Texans Defensive End J.J. Watt is already a legend both on the football field and off. His work ethic is second to none with a razor-like focus on being the best of the best. He trains hard, works hard, and plays hard which is why, during his first season with the Houston Texans, then-defensive coordinator Wade Phillips instantly believed that J.J. would someday be in the NFL Hall of Fame.

His play has not disappointed with a game so dominant that teams use two, three, sometimes even four men to cover him. Yes, he’s just that good. He’s also humble and, despite his dominance in his position, always sees accomplishments, even his own, as the product of  teamwork. On Sunday, after the Texans brutalized the Tennessee Titans in a 34 – 6 victory, Watt took to Twitter to demonstrate what a class act and team player he is.

Watt’s tweet acknowledged the difficulties the team has had throughout this season, but praised the team for always working as a team.

Some low-life idiot, however, didn’t seem to like what Watt said and went after him.

A “try hard?” What does that even mean? Maybe this clown should try hard to understand the difference between your and you’re.

In typical J.J. Watt style, with class and grace, Watt schooled the idiot troll on what the merits of his hard work have been, then took a little dig that was well deserved.

The 100 refers to the six-year, $100 million contract J.J. Watt signed in his renewal with the Texans following the end of his rookie contract.

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In this day and age, so many people want something for nothing, believing they are entitled to whatever it is they want when they want it regardless of education, skill, or merit. We are talking about the $15 for flipping burgers crowd, by the way.

J.J. Watt exemplifies someone giving everything they have to be the best at what they do regardless how much he is being paid. The massive contract was just icing on the cake, and worth every penny for the Houston Texans.

If this troll was trying to insult J.J. Watt by calling him a ‘try hard,’ he failed miserably. Maybe he should try hard in his own life instead tearing down those who show the world every day that their achievements are based upon hard work.

That’s WATT’s up

h/t CBS Sports

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