NFL Won’t Allow Dallas Cowboys to Honor Fallen Police, but They Did Allow THIS


On September 9, 2012, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave the Denver Broncos the okay to wear a special decal on their helmet in honor of victims of gun violence and wildfires. Many teams have also honored teammates and other members of the team’s front office who have passed away. The New York Giants were also allowed to wear a special decal in honor of those who died on 911/2001.

But this year, a very special request by the Dallas Cowboys has been turned down by the NFL and Goodell. It is shockingly insensitive and is sure to infuriate many across the country, especially those in Dallas.

The Dallas Cowboys submitted a request to honor the police officers who were assassinated in Dallas by a sniper while they were patrolling a Black Lives Matter rally protesting police.

Following the murder of the police officers, the city of Dallas really came together as a community. In an effort to stand with those officers and honor the memories of those killed, the Cowboys put a decal on their helmet that’s a multi-color star surrounded by the words “ARM IN ARM.”

Cowboy Police Decal

Enter the NFL officials. You know, the same ones who allowed a decal to honor “victims of gun violence.” In short, the NFL told the Dallas Cowboys NO. Stephen Jones, Cowboys executive vice president, said while they are “allowed” to wear the decals on their helmet during practice, where no one can really see them, they are forbidden by the league from wearing them during both preseason and regular season games.

According to Jones, the league’s decision has to do with its desire for uniformity among its 32 teams, and that allowing a team to wear a decal for a social cause could open “Pandora’s box.”

“There are so many wonderful, wonderful causes, the league has to be careful,” Jones told the Dallas Morning News. “If you allow one, then what do you do about every team that has a great reason to have something on their helmets?”

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So let’s get this straight. The league is okay with pushing the leftist message in demonizing the gun and law-abiding Second Amendment supporters by allowing a decal for those victims of gun violence but police officers killed by a racist, bigot, cop hater who went out that night to “hurt white officers” are not worthy of honoring, according to the decision by the NFL.

What this no doubt boils down to is the NFL believes that if they allow the Dallas Cowboys to honor police officers then they will feel the wrath of the bigoted, racist, cop-haters of Black Lives Matter.

If you think this is outrageous, contact the NFL and let them know. Find them on Facebook HERE. Contact them on Twitter HERE.

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